SNP Government reducing drug deaths among its Generation Hope

Scotland has the highest drug death toll in the UK, indeed in Europe but something dramatic is happening.

First, the NRS figure based on the presence of drugs in the bloodstream fell, by 1%, for the first time in nearly a decade while the Police Scotland figure, based of scene of death forensic evidence fell by 27%. See:

This has been largely explained by a natural consequence of the many older drug abusers who became addicted during the Conservative Government’s brutal de-industrialisation in the 1980s and the subsequent neglect of the New Labour period, coming together, to the end of their inevitably shortened lives. However, NHS Scotland’s drug treatment programmes have smashed their 90% targets year after year under the SNP and will have had some effect. See:

Second, I await confirmation of the data for the 30-34 year old group, from ONS researchers, but the death rate amongst those from 15 to 34 in England & Wales seems likely to be around 60% higher there than in Scotland. Full analysis here:

If, as unionist media insist, the SNP can be blamed for higher drug death levels amongst older abusers, then logically and fairly, they can take the credit for the dramatically lower levels amongst younger users.

What has the SNP Government done, in addition to more effective treatment programmes?

Poverty is a major contributory factor to levels of drug abuse and consequent deaths. See:

Despite the fiscal limitations of devolution, poverty is lower in Scotland than in England, in terms of benefits for the poor and their children and in terms of access to affordable housing. See:

This is only the beginning.


2 thoughts on “SNP Government reducing drug deaths among its Generation Hope

  1. The biggest tragedy of all is how the UK Government and its acolytes in the opposition parties in Holyrood have refused to consider a new approach and exploited suffering on this scale to score political points over the Scottish Government.

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  2. The drug death rate will fall further when there are more total abstinence proper rehab facilities. There were a few now there are less. It has to be be paid privately. There is not enough public funding. There are not enough proper rehab facilities where people can be referred. Castle Craig the best drug authority in the world does not receive public funding. A drug user took drugs and died. His mother a nurse kicked up such a row that public funding was withdraw. It stopped other people getting much needed help. Health Boards and Drs could refer people.

    Grampian was the only healthcare authority that did not support primary care detox. It had to be funded privately. It is important because people can die detoxing from alcohol. Some have to be put in induced comas. An increased healthcare funding. Prison £40,000. Crime is linked to alcohol/drug consumption.
    The is a gender difference. More males than females commit crime.

    More funding was given to local authorities. Social work heads of drug policy do not support total abstinence proper rehab facilities. People are put on methadone for years. Just as destruction as other drugs, All the drug deaths in Scotland are people prescribed methadone then taking other substances. The other drug/alcohol health problems puts more pressure on the healthcare sector and costs more. Over consumption and abuse leads to deprivation and poverty. The Scottish Gov did reduce consumption with MUP and higher alcoholic limit policies.

    The Scottish Gov cannot tax or restrict availability. The powers are reserved. Local authorities can restrict opening hours. Blair 24/7 drinking policy encouraging over consumption did society no favours. Scotland started from a higher consumption rate (Thatcher). Consumption in Scotland was 25% more than in the south. Now dropped 10%?.

    The Scottish Gov has increased funding to reduce drug/alcohol abuse £250Million over five years. £50Million a year. Public and private funding keeps, total abstinence, proper rehab facilities available to more people who need professional help. It can be expensive but ‘one chance’ gives people proper help and helps them get the information to stop consumption. The majority in Scotland do not drink and drug. They lead happy productive lives everyone should have that chance. Not be left by the wayside. AA and NA helps people get help and get healthier.


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