BBC UK ignores worst emergency performance since records began

Thanks to stewartb for alerting me to this.

Just released today from Public Health England:

57.0% of patients were seen within 4 hours in type 1 A&E departments compared to 58.8% in June 2022, 67.6% in July 2021 and 78.9% in July 2019. This is the lowest reported performance since the collection began.

BBC UK and BBC Health have ignored this:

None of the major UK newspapers have the story on the front page.

We all know how the Scottish media would respond to this in Scotland:

BBC Scotland 29 March: Scottish A&E waiting times worst on record again

BBC Scotland 19 April 2022: Scottish A&E waiting times match worst level on record

and the newspapers:

Not news, propaganda.


5 thoughts on “BBC UK ignores worst emergency performance since records began

  1. Liz Truss attacks Wales for the “worst NHS performance” in the UK.
    She has nothing to say about England’s abysmal NHS, or her own local A&E performance.
    Truss and Sunak threaten the independence of devolved governments in both Scotland and Wales (they already “rule” Northern Ireland)
    Ian Murray attacks the Scottish government on the NHS, even though it happens to be the best performing and staffed in the UK.

    They get uninterrupted, fact-free, full-fat time in the media to spout their lies, smears and propaganda.

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  2. Much of England seems to be heading for draught restrictions.
    This is due partly to a lack of rain, but is also due to a lack of investment in reservoirs, while heaping huge dividends on shareholders.
    I seem to recall Alex Salmond offering to pipe Scottish water south years ago.
    He was mocked for his efforts.

    So they can recycle their p!sh in an endless loop till the end of time if that is what they prefer.

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    1. Fred McAulay had a gag about Scotland selling water to England which went (roughly): England’s got a massive water shortage and it never stops raining in Scotland. We could do a deal and sell them some of our water that we don’t need. Dead simple: £2 a barrel or £20 if we don’t pee in it first!


  3. Perhaps Pam Duncan-Glancy MSP will have some comment on these figures as she is sh*t hot on distorting Scotland’s stats ? ( see earlier story on Scottish waiting times )


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