Scottish independence barely visible as an issue for UK voters

Even the full data above from Redfield & Wilton yesterday, puts Scottish independence last out of 15 issues which 2000 UK voters were asked to consider as factors determining how they would vote. They could choose 3. When you take into account that 44 out of the 68 respondents selecting that issue, live in Scotland, the response becomes vanishingly small. Only 24 out of the 1 824 non-Scots is 1.3%, lower even than the ‘other’ or ‘don’t know’ categories, at the very bottom.


8 thoughts on “Scottish independence barely visible as an issue for UK voters

  1. It was the same in 2014, Independence Referendum largely unreported or ignored south of the border for 18 months or more until week before when opinion poll first registered lead for Yes

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  2. Very revealing
    Especially with regards the Rest of UK
    Obviously they believe we are chained and dependant upon them
    Dangerous for them but not so for us
    One day soon they shall be awoken from their slumber
    Then as every day passes
    Realise the awful truth that the are now entirely on their own, hurtling down the path to the cliff edge of
    Irrelevance, economic and social collapse
    My advice for them
    Enjoy the fall as you rapidly descend into chaos, Entirely at the mercy of the ruthless global market forces. Tis the bump of
    The sudden thud of a stop
    Thou shall have to worry about, broken and days of former glory gone for ever
    Nightmares and uncontrollably so
    What Thou sow, thou shall reap

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  3. Perhaps a reflection of the ”news” about Independence that is provided in the rUK by the unionist media . We ( in Scotland ) are seen as a minor distraction in their worldview .
    Most people in rUK will be ignorant of much of the arguments which we in Scotland are exposed to regularly – ironically by the repeated raising of Independence by Sarwar , DRoss etc…

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  4. Is this not a “dog bites man” story? How much of a surprise is it?
    In his series of documentaries about the 2014 vote Alan Little relates about having some London media pals over for dinner one night shortly before the 2014 vote. He went round the table – and remember these are senior folk in the London media – asking each one why this (the independence vote) was happening. He said their replies amounted to two things
    1. Scots are “chippy”
    2. Alex Salmond is wily
    Put short, most folk outside Scotland didnt really have a clue in 2014 and not much has changed.

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  5. I notice that the issue is named ‘Scottish Independence/The Union’ – so could it not be that another way of looking at it might be that there was simply a lack of interest in the Union?

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    1. “lack of interest in the Union?”
      I presume that includes NI and Wales as well as Scotland
      Responders either think the Union is immutable and permanent and the Govt will make sure it is
      Or they don’t care whether it stays or goes


  6. Considering that all three parties they are likely to vote for down south have exactly the same position on independence (“No, you cannot have a referendum”) it is easy to see why it would not be a factor.


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