Suicides fall by 6%

From Public Health Scotland today:

There were 753 probable suicides registered in Scotland in 2021, which is a decrease from 805 in 2020.

This is a second fall after 833 cases in 2019.

Encouraging but still tragically far too high, I know.

BBC Scotland do report this but make sure there is an ‘ah but’ in there with:

Fall in suicides driven by fewer women dying

There was actually a fall in male suicides too.

2 thoughts on “Suicides fall by 6%

  1. Do the data actually support the BBC conclusion that the fall is ‘largely driven by fewer women dying’? Women account for one quarter of suicides and so the impact of a reduction in women suicides can be eliminated by an increase in men suicides. But, as the data show, since c 1997 the trend for men, like that for women is down and the rate of decline for both is fairly similar.

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  2. “Fall in suicides driven by fewer women dying”
    No, that is ONE interpretation of the results, the other is that there are fewer renewed TV licences in Scotland…

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