Scotland’s waters at risk again from Sellafield dump

The above Guardian report today, has no mention of Scotland, immediately adjacent to Cumbria. Why would it? Sellafield is ‘safely’ at the very end of England, as far from London as possible.

In 2015, even the Herald reported such risks:

Radioactive waste from the Sellafield nuclear plant in Cumbria is contaminating shellfish hundreds of kilometres away on the west coast of Scotland, according to a new scientific study. Scottish researchers discovered traces of radioactive carbon discharged from Sellafield in the shells of mussels, cockles and winkles as far north as Port Appin in Argyll, 160 miles from the notorious nuclear plant.

4 thoughts on “Scotland’s waters at risk again from Sellafield dump

  1. The Guardian – a few good journalists, notwithstanding – has, in my opinion always been the most English-nationalist, metrocentric of all the UK Newspapers. Since it moved out of Manchester about 50 years ago, its attitude is that if it does not happen in a small area of North London, then it is not important. It’s contempt for the north and Midlands (The ‘Provinces’) permeates most of the few articles it deigns to publish regarding the area where the paper started.


  2. Perhaps the Sellafield contamination is a round-about -way of ”Levelling up” ?
    After all , if the privatised English Water Companies can flagrantly pollute English rivers it is only fair that Scotland gets its share too !

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  3. It would have been the late 1970s when I first became aware of radioactive distortions to fish/shellfish along the western seaboard of the UK from Sellafield/Winscale, possibly Loughborough or Sheffield carried out the research, but next to nothing appeared in the press or media.

    In reality the 2015 Herald article was reporting on what was known from 35 years prior, but I’m not so sure 7 years later the Herald would report on detrimental effects to Scotland either today’s contaminated politics and journalism.

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