Reporting Scotland weather presenter on heatwaves- ‘There will still be a marked difference between Scotland and England’

See that wee ‘ah but‘ there? The message for us, once more, is ‘don’t go thinking things are better here.‘ Where does the message come from? It’s Mike Tipton of the Physiological Society (not a meteorologist):

Mike Tipton, the society’s group co-ordinator, said although Scotland is not affected by heatwaves now, this will change over time – and people should be prepared. He said: “The likelihood is that these will spread over more of the UK.

Just how northern Britain will somehow get out of its current geographical location, exposed to life-saving North Atlantic blasts is not explained. Mike is a health expert, not a researcher into meteorology. Reporting Scotland’s Joy Dunlop is, presumably, a meteorologist and she disagrees, but only down the page, with:

While BBC Scotland forecaster Joy Dunlop agreed it was best practice to be prepared for extreme weather events, she said it would be unlikely for Scotland to experience a heatwave any time soon. Although temperatures are rising globally, she said, there will still be a marked difference between Scotland and England.

Good news for Scotland does sometimes sneak through the Reporting Scotland cultural agenda. Joy will be getting a visit from Lisa Summers.

23 thoughts on “Reporting Scotland weather presenter on heatwaves- ‘There will still be a marked difference between Scotland and England’

  1. Misreporting Northern Britain will only get more extreme as strong Right-wing conditions from Westminster affect the quality of ”news” reporting .


  2. Scotland’s weather, although only periodically allowing individuals to self harm by Sun abuse, does allow Scotland to feed itself for example growing enough wheat to feed all of Scotland five times over. Scotland’s renowned food and drink industry only affected by the cold blast of malice and incompetence from westminster.

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    1. I doubt that will last. with the rate we are building affordable (not corporation) housing on the farm land. Especially in flood plains.


        1. That depends entirely on how the local authority zone the land.
          Try telling the people in Perth who’s homes are regularly at risk that it’s not the Tay knocking on their doors.
          Also, why the rush to build flood defences between rivers and housing estates. Which incidentally we are paying for because it is the local authority building what was not factored into the original planning consent.


  3. Read that bemusing article this morning, and agree wholeheartedly – A preposterous piece by author unknown, based on the observations of a physiologist in England, even hinting that pale gingers should be stocking up on SPF “Duffle-Coat” ?
    However, given the BBC’s earlier article on “west coast water shortages”, is this perhaps part of a campaign to create empathy in Scotland before water shortages in England begin to bite, and the politicos blame “the disaster” on global warming rather than privatised water services ?

    However, might I draw your attention to the final preposterous flourish – “But the Met Office said that, when taken over the year, Scotland sometimes experiences a greater rise in temperatures than England”
    Note RISE and TAKEN OVER THE YEAR – Such as Baltic to Baltic +4 in an hour as the rain and hail subsides ?
    Midday here – From 14.9c at 6am it is already at 30, a doubling of temperature in just 6 hours, no buckling rail lines, no exploding roads, and no signs of panic among the populace…. Even the Gingers…

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  4. Just wait till they NEED our
    Fresh water ( and that day fast approaches as the impending climate changes accelerate and intensify )
    A absolute essential of life
    I say ask us
    They do
    We reply yes but NOT for a generation at the very least as Now is not the time.
    Under Scottish Law ( which still exits ) No one can own water, it belongs to all in Scotland and as such a Scottish Indy ref. will require to be held
    Should the Answer be NO then the status quo regards Scottish water remains
    If the answer is Yes then as a matter of urgency we shall seek solutions to the Pressing water problems England is encountering and will continue to do so in a ever increasing way

    It takes 2 to Tango,suck that up
    Foot note- It is the wiseist of men who chose their words with the greatest of care and such is Always the Time and shall always be so

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    1. I’d expand on that point, it’s not only water they are stuck for with Scotland in surplus, but the means by which to produce it.
      Many moons ago desalination plants were suggested as a solution to England’s long standing problems in potable water supply, the stumbling block was the enormous power required, for which they equally had no capacity.
      Since then HMG’s Nuclear plans have become bogged down, and that was too little too late.
      Hence the frantic upgrades to the means by which to import power from Scotland (including belatedly upgrading the long neglected national grid), and attempting to sell the idea of small-scale nuclear as a “package-plant”.
      England is in a pickle for everything from water to power to gas…..

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      1. Bob
        They have massive problems with regards nuclear
        China is the essential funder of the ongoing projects and make no mistake about it, they will very soon withdraw
        Their funding and expertise

        But at a time of their choosing,China always plays a very clever and considered game
        EDF the owner of the nuclear stations under construction have investigated such legally
        And of the Opinion that China can legally do so,but also checked their own legal position
        Particularly so as the project will require a new source of considerable funding one which they cannot meet and as such they are also entitled to withdraw from the projects without penalty but with compensation
        The Tories made a big big mistake openly siding with USA and militarily threatening China
        Revenge indeed is Always best served cold
        You hear none of this from ABC ( BBC ) or MSM
        and to add China took a massive swipe at UK by increasing rent/ lease of ship containers of which they control over 80 % of them globally, by increasing the cost from £2k – £4k for a container to £ 20 k – £40 k if such container was involved in transporting UK goods to/ from any EU ports,all under the guise that such container under EU rules and the Brexit deal and in particular the NI protocol,that the container could be impounded at any and for a considerable period if in any EU Terrority resulting in considerable disruption to supply chains and as such the Insurance underwriters hiked their
        Premiums to insure
        China said this was private and confidential
        Commercial information
        But they had no option to greatly increase the costs
        China is so clever and the main message to the UK Do Not Mess with us
        And be the lap dog of America we can hurt you very badly and often in many areas with complete impunity
        Be very very careful of the friends you chose and of what you say and do,No one threatens China No one Ever
        Ah but again No ABC (BBC) or MSM speak of these matters,which has now having a serious impact on UK trade, costs and inflation

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        1. And from our French corespondent currently renewing the Auld Alliance aboard ship in Marseilles-lès-Aubigny on Bastille Day.
          The reminder that the proposal before the Government here that EDF be nationalised is very likely to be passed into law in a short time frame.
          This of course means that many in England will be paying another bunch of furriers so that they can have the power to burn their Aberdeen Angus Sunday roast.


  5. Ah so there is some difference between Scotland and England even if it just means you’ll freeze once you cross the border, when England is sweltering. Brrr.
    The petit competitiveness of the BBC when telling their stories about Scotland is hilarious really. The BritNat media constantly tell us that Scotland’s no better than England, so do not get any fancy ideas about independence, it’s too cold, nope, it’s too hot, you are too poor but god knows where the £trillions in oil revenues have gone hmm. It’s just very very bad for Scotland anyway so stick with the status quo. Er, no thanks.

    Anyhow I had a wee quibble with friends in Northumberland some time back about the sun. Found out by looking at data that in fact the east coast of Scotland has a higher percentage of sunshine hours than much of the UK.
    Makes you wonder if they’d take the cleaner air from Scotland and bottle it up given half a chance. England’s chosen cabal are not getting their dirty hands on Scotland’s water, no more resource freebies, not this time.

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  6. Water is going to be an increasingly valuable asset and England’s track record on exploitation of Scottish resources should tell us what is going to happen.
    The London administration will not allow a minor issue like Scots law from preventing the sale and extraction of our water for their benefit.
    The trick will be to convince Scottish people that it is an insignificant issue and that we are better together.
    Where have we heard that before?

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    1. bringiton
      With all due respect they will try to dupe us but shall
      Fail miserably this time
      Alba will scream from the roof tops and the benches of Westminster
      Easy done raise a emergency question in the House of commons as to the Breaking of the Act of Union and illegality of taking control of Scottish water, along with crowd funded immediate Interim Interdict with the Court of Session , no way can this pass to the Supreme court as it is entirely a matter of Scot,s law and such is fully protected within The Act of Union and can only ever be changed by and expressed through the Will of the Scottish people by way of their elected representatives
      Why do you think Scottish water was NOT privatised
      Albeit sub contracted from a public company to a private subsidiary
      We the people through the public company are the only shareholders no matter what
      The Edinburgh Lawyers were very clever indeed when they refused to sanction The Act of Union
      Unless Scot,s law was enshrined in perpetuity for ever and a day
      Our law slowly but surely is being allowed to wither on the vine
      But tis a most powerful tool and still remains entirely at our disposal and entirely so
      Given that our battle with
      Westminster is now taking on a serious phase
      It is time for us to use as it is our divine right to deploy Scot,s Law in a ever increasing manner
      We can effectively log jam the whole legal system at our will Not Westminster or their Supreme CourtsWill
      We can slowly but surely make ourselves Ungovernable Legally
      By simply withdrawing consent till matters resolved under our own Law
      Need a reminder
      Poll tax
      Under The Act of Union
      ” No tax shall ever be raised
      In one Kingdom that is not simultaneously raised in the other ”
      I never paid 0ne brown penny of such poll tax and informed the council of such that I was doing so on that basis and if they pursued me then it would constitute a criminal act on their behalf, I ended my communication to them with “I await your response ”
      To date I still await ,so by default the matter is now closed


  7. We will only be safe with the “broad umbrella” of the Union, dont yer know? Save us from the Aliens!

    As Englerlund swelters in near 40% head, here in Ochiltree the sun barely has the strength to shine through the trees, and at night the midges are chittering so hard, they cannot bite.
    Not always like this, I remember summers (as a wean) when the tar melted on the roads.
    Out from dawn till dusk, up the burn swimming, playing footie till late–older boys and men joined in, until it was dozens running round, play rounders, up the braes, eat a piece at yer pals hoose. Great days.
    In Scotland.
    We were Scottish, then, and young!

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  8. Scotland slightly cooler. A relief.

    Reports all the time of Scotland in bad weather when the south is blistering hot and dangerous. Scotland in sunshine the south in torrential rain. Increasing reports of Scotland dismal when the temperature is bathed in sunshine. Annoying misreporting.

    Scotland will not experience extreme flooded coastline. Scotland will arise when the south goes under.

    Westminster takes Scotland revenue and resources to fund and support London S/E. London S/E overcrowded and congested. Scotland open and empty. The North/South divide perpetuated by Westminster misrule and mismanagement. Since 1928 and before. The illegal Barnett Formula. Scotland paying for what it does not need which should be spent on what it does need. No taxation without proper representation.

    Devolution 2000. Independence will be even better. No longer the dumping ground for redundant nuclear weapons. No Brexit etc. Scotland has to pay for London river barriers, London Transport heavily subsidised, nuclear. HS2, Hinkley Point etc the biggest waste of public monies that could be better spent, illegal wars, financial fraud and tax evasion. Scotland pays a high price for the non equal union. Too high a cost and not worth it.


  9. An abundant strawberry season. Tatties growing in the ground. A major crop for seed potatoes. Whisky galore. Salmon flying overseas. Possibly tomatoes in the Clyde. Scotland is self sufficient in food and energy. Plenty more besides. World beating products.

    Best scenery in the world. Tourism to the fore. Edinburgh one of the most visited City in the world. Best destination. Glasgow, Inverness not far behind. Golf Open at St Andrews televised worldwide. Championship tennis. The Davis Cup. Glasgow September. Andy Murray organised.

    Staycations to avoid airport chaos. Especially with good weather. Open air swimming pools. World beating beaches. Amazing scenery. Exciting trips and water sports. Open swimming. The countryside accessible. Walking trips. Selection of activities for keeping fit and healthy. Accessible. Scotland has a ‘right to roam’.


  10. The North East of Scotland is in constant sunshine. Slightly cooler on average. One of the best quality of living in the world. Easy access to countryside. Well paid jobs and accommodation on average. A good standard of living. It would be even better without Westminster unionist colossal interference and mismanagement.

    The rain comes from the West. From the Atlantic. Falls over the mountains. The East is sunnier than the West. Along the whole coast of Britain/Ireland, The North wind blows mainly in the winter.

    The MSM weather comments another distortion. More lies for the gullible.


  11. When something bad happens in England but not in Scotland, ‘things may change over time and people should be prepared’. I wonder why the same was never voiced about the current covid crisis? Could it possibly be the trusted BBC was biased with its news and, as usual, trying to paint Scotland as somehow worse than anywhere else in the UK?


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