Massive reduction in young people imprisoned under SNP

Scottish Justice Secretary, Keith Brown MSP

From STV News today:

The number of youngsters under the age of 18 jailed at Scotland’s main young offenders institution has fallen to a record low.

There are now 150 people imprisoned at Polmont, near Falkirk, and only 12 of them are under the age of 18, according to figures from the Scottish Prison Service.

A decade ago, there was (sic) 800 youngsters at Polmont.

Alternatives to custody such as electronic monitoring means a significant number of offenders under the age of 21 are now accommodated within society.

As part of its commitment to improving the lives of care experienced young people through The Promise, the Scottish Government wants to remove anyone under the age of 18 from the prison estate by 2024.

Governor Gerry Michie said Scotland has made “significant leaps” to reduce the prisoner population and help give young people in the system opportunities for a better future.

7 thoughts on “Massive reduction in young people imprisoned under SNP

  1. “Ah, but ….. alternatives to custody are about rewarding bad behaviour, everybody with half a brain knows that. You see them in the pub taking of their tags. Crime is worse that ever was. You cannot trust the ‘figures’. What we need is to bring back hanging and birching.” Vox pop on all the UK media, by I Madeitup.


    1. Whoever you are your ignorance and intolerance is simply breathtaking. Firstly you are wrong about the level of crime and secondly it is a simple fact that jailing youngsters merely introduces them to serious adult offenders which in turn exacerbates the problem, damages their life chances and society. Me thinks you are still living in a bygone era that ended with Gladstone.

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  2. Figures cant lie but liar’s can figure. The Nu SNP have taken a leaf out of Boris’s book. In the SNPs Scotland the innocent are jailed but guilty go free,what a paradox.
    I dont think Craig Murray was a danger to society surely he could have got community service. Welcome to the colonial administration of Scotland where Westminster puppets use Scots Law to suppress the indigenous populations desire for independence.
    Dissolve the Union.


    1. Alastair you are talking drivel my friend. Whilst I have some sympathy for Craig Murray his custodial sentance was hardly the fault of the SNP. As many constitutional experts have widely expressed simply ‘Dissolving the Union’ whilst aspirational is not a sound way forward for Scotland. Frustrating as it is I suspect you will not find anyone on this website that disagrees with the end goal.

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  3. “Massive increase in Scots imprisoned by colonial overlords”.

    Governor Hi Jack says–“we will soon have them all in chains”.
    Warder Starwars screeches–“silence in cell block 30”.

    Lard Baron Ffoulksakia mumbles–“Another double, Giuseppe, and be quick about it”!

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  4. There are still too many people in prison in Scotland/UK 138 per 100,000 one of the highest number in Europe, US/Russia have more pro rata.

    The majority have additional needs. Autistic or ADHD and have not had the proper support and help. Often not diagnosed. It is an absolute scandal. Far more than pro rata statistics in the population. Prison is not the appropriate place for those on the spectrum. Too bright and too noisy. That could create more melt down and irrational behaviour. That can be misunderstood and not handled appropriately.

    Drink/drugs lead to crime. Much ‘crime’ is committed by those under the influence of drink or drugs. Drinks in the wit’s oot. Crime is gender related. More men than women commit crime and are in prison. Women commit minor crime. Conviction can lead to unemployment. A huge majority of males have conviction for minor misdemeanours. Instead of a caution as before.

    Prison £40,000 a year. More total abstinence proper rehabs have shut down through lack of funding. Council (unionist) not providing proper care. Head of social work drug policies do not support, proper, total abstinence rehab facilities, Putting people on methadone for years. Methadone is just as dangerous as heroin.
    All drug deaths in Scotland are people on methadone taking other substances. People are now taking cocaine, ketamine and alcohol to self medicate. Putting a stain on the SNHS by illness. Instead off a healthier lifestyle.

    Alcohol consumption has dropped because of Scottish Gov preventative measures. The young going to the gym rather than the pub. They now know the dangers because of medical sciences advances. Smoking levels have dropped due to preventative Gov measures. Young people are more likely to take it up. Older people are stopping.

    The Scottish Gov has provide £250Million over five years. To fund proper total abstinence (one chance?) rehab facilities, £50million a year to make a difference. The majority in Scotland do not drink or drug. Only prescribed drugs for sickness or illness.

    The Police need more diversity training. Ignorance can make a stressful situation worse. A Domestic Abuse Act that cannot be dropped. The Police are arresting and charging abused/vulnerable people under the Act. It cannot be dropped. Taking more vulnerable people through the criminal justice system. The Courts are already choke a block, with less access to legal aid.

    Abused women and children have to stay in unsafe situations. They do not get legal aid. It has to be paid back in any case. It can take years and cost £thousands to get a settlement in some cases. Drawing it out. People do not have the means, They have to stay in abusive situation or lose the roof over they head, because there is little legal aid. Women do not have equal rights compared to others. Abuse and coercive behaviour using money as a form of control. Women are 50% unrepresentative. 70% male 30% women representational.

    In England it has been changed so abused women can get legal aid, without losing their house/home. It has to be paid back in any case, of any settlement, but prevents women and children losing the roof over their head. Letting agencies illegally charge 6 months + deposit upfront rent. Even to people who have excellent credit/references.


  5. Thatcher – care in the community – prison.

    Corrupt criminals now in charge of the UK Gov. In a state of absolute collapse. Tax evading £Millionaires, and setting tax rates for the poorer. Breaking the Law. An absolute scandal. A complete and utter shambles.

    No taxation without proper representation.


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