Only Scotland has statutory child poverty targets

By cuckooshoe

While the article above says 1 in 5 children in Scotland are living in poverty, it also says

“Scotland has lower levels of child poverty than England or Wales. However, campaigners in Scotland say that whilst progress is being made there can be no room for complacency if Scotland’s statutory child poverty targets, which were agreed by all the Holyrood parties, are to be met.

The Child Poverty (Scotland) Act requires the Scottish Government to ensure fewer than 18% of children are living in poverty by 2023/24, on course to achieving less than 10% by 2030.”

So not far from achieving their target.

Although the rise in inflation, including the surge in energy prices, unleashed by the UK government will make it difficult, the extension of the Scottish Child Payment to children aged 6 to 15 by the end of 2022 will help.

In Wales 1 in 3 children are living in poverty.

The interactive map and graphics in the link below show the substantial variation between the nations and regions of the UK.

It shows which part of the UK has had more success at improving child poverty rates.


4 thoughts on “Only Scotland has statutory child poverty targets

  1. The primary duty of those who govern is
    Ensure that the children are fed in a healthy manner
    If not the secondary duty shall Fail
    And that is to educate them and free their naturally inquisitive minds
    And if that fails
    Then all else fails
    Nations who succeeded in this are now all successful
    No need to go to Uni to know this
    One learns this basic fundamental from the University of Life through the course referred to as
    Common Sense


  2. Rather than Sturgeon paying 9 million pounds to buy of the press, she could have spent this money on trying to alleviate child poverty. This dud leader is only interested in what job her Tory pals can line up for her after selling us out to her masters.


    1. Alastair sorry my friend either you will need to broaden your reading material or are in desperate need of therapy. Apart from having absolutely no substantive evidence to support your ridiculous claim Sturgeon is by far the most popular political leader in the UK which in part is why the SNP are re-elected time after time. They continue to protect Scotland’s interests and improve living standards for ordinary Scots in the face of continuous Unionist actions and threats. .

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  3. Relative or absolute poverty. In most developed countries average 16%. Worldwide absolute poverty is falling. To be eradicated within a few years but delayed by the pandemic and shut down.

    Relative poverty 16% Absolute poverty 9%. The child payment will relieve poverty. Family kinship payments. Increased carers payment. Increased support for care leavers. Education grants and no council tax payment. Further education in colleges and Uni.

    Increased nursery care. More additional needs awareness and diagnoses guaranteed. More support. Less form filling and easier application for support. More equal tax system in Scotland. All measures could be improved without Westminster colossal interference in Scottish matters.


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