‘We suspended two Labour councillors because they weren’t prepared to vote for the Tories over the SNP!’

From SNP Media today:

Anas Sarwar’s credibility as leader has been fatally undermined after a senior Labour MP blurted out on air that Labour in Scotland was working hand-in-glove with the Tories – in complete contrast to a commitment he made just before the local government elections.

Speaking on BBC’s Politics Live today on Labour’s position on working with the SNP, Labour MP Siobhain McDonagh said: ”Only last week, we suspended two Labour councillors in Edinburgh because they weren’t prepared to vote for the Tories instead of the SNP.”

Scottish Labour famously kicked out nine councillors in Aberdeen who worked with the Tories to form an administration. The comments from Siobhain McDonagh today confirm Labour is now disciplining members for voting against the Tories.

This revelation comes after the Daily Record revealed that Anas Sarwar is attempting to time limit the SNP-Labour deal agreed in Dumfries and Galloway, protecting locals from a Tory administration – despite the Labour leader and deputy of the council group pointing out there was no time limit on the deal.

McDonagh seemed proud of this achievement; to vote with Tory right-wingers against the SNP.


7 thoughts on “‘We suspended two Labour councillors because they weren’t prepared to vote for the Tories over the SNP!’

  1. I put this comment on my Facebook page about this.
    In Economics there is a theory known as “revealed preference” – which asserts that the best way to measure consumer preferences is to observe their purchasing behavior
    This might be said of political preferences derived from a party’s political behaviour. So now you know – Labour prefers the Tories over the SNP – not like we didnt know.
    The biggest surprise to me is that the Theory of Revealed Preference actually has a use.

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  2. 😍😍


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  3. Labour Keir Hardies party of home rule. What happened ? the same thing that’s happened to the SNP they were infuriated and the rest got a slice of the big Westminster pie which they couldn’t get enough off. They engorged themselves at the expense of the people who put them in place. 82k wages and 250k expenses no wonder the rotten stinking Union appeals to them, it’s almost as big a cash cow as Scotland is to the UK.

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  4. Illegal wars, tax evasion and financial fraud. Labour/unionists blew the world to bits. The Westminster cabal killed millions around the world. Wasted £Trillions which could have been better spent. The Westminster farce beyond belief.

    How anyone could vote unionist is a mystery, especially in Scotland. Nothing to chose from between the lot of them. Colluding to make people’s lives a misery. Trouble and strife. Instead of doing the right thing. The reason they join a political party is to line their own pockets illegally. Corruption and catastrophe plain to see.

    Make the world a better place. Break the corrupt power of Westminster. Vote SNP or otherwise. Vote for Independence. Make the world a safer, more pleasant prosperous place, with more equality. The UK the most unequal place in the world. The more equal people can be, the more cohesive and happy the society. Vote SNP or other wise. Vote Independence.


  5. The Unionist Alliance (STV) ruined Aberdeen City. A total mess beyond belief. What a way to run a City, into the ground. The centre a mud pit. The UTG project supported by the people ruined. The Muse mess. Ground hog day. A crooked administration. Now changed hopefully.

    The only positive developments funded by Scottish Gov, (Alex Salmond). The AWPR, the wind turbine projects, in the Bay. Investments in renewables. The new harbour to accommodate liners. The expansion of the airport. The Golf Development. Building new houses and schools funds provided by the Scottish Gov.

    The unionist Alliance illegally sold the City on the stock exchange. Debts to be paid back for years. Kept in administration by a two job Tory and a convicted sex offender.


  6. The supposedly suspended Aberdeen Labour renegades are still there. The illegal Unionist Alliance who lied to the voters. Lost. Voted out by one member. Hopefully things will change for the better. The City is in ruins. To what could have been.


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