Five times wrong

Making her fifth appearance in a Herald headline story as the face of the industrial action on the rails, the First Minister is used to help the once-half decent rag win the 2022 Misrepresentation of the Facts award.

That headline is very special in its combined stupidity and mendacity. Who, in their right mind, thought you might have an immediate return to normality? Who has ever suggested there could be? It’s just another sad ‘ah but‘ from these masters of the Scottish Cringe and another desperately lazy attempt to blame the FM while ignoring the roles of the UK unions and the UK Government-run Railtrack infrastructure. Where’s the picture of the man who could have stopped the chaos, Grant Shapps? Applying for the PM role when he couldn’t run a piss-up in the bar at Paddington.

Even BBC Scotland are not so low. They put it this way:

ScotRail said if drivers begin doing overtime again a full timetable could return within 10 days.



3 thoughts on “Five times wrong

  1. I also used to buy it and was quite proud to take up half a carriage on the train as I went from page to page. Sadly those days are long past.

    Their stories over time have got increasingly ridiculous as regards any form of research. Even injecting words like “admitted”, “revealed”, etc. Does not make up for a real lack of journalistic effort.

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  2. Notice these rags do not use the word PRIVATISED when there are massive issues with services. Tory, Labour, wrecked the public services, they sold them off lock stock and barrel for a few quid to private profiteers and they despise the fact that the SNP have decided to take back what belonged to the people in the first place. But don’t worry the English government control the tracks, I’m sure they’ll find a way to disrupt or even disable Scotland’s ‘nationalised’ train services.
    Scotland needs out of this stinking rotten corrupt, far right wing UK.

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