Comparing Scotland with England but only when it hurts Scotland’s image of itself

We see regularly, on BBC Scotland, that Scotland has the most drug deaths in Europe or the most Covid cases or, today: ‘Scottish bank branch closures highest in UK

As you know, we never hear that our A&E service is the best in the UK, that we have more hospital beds and nurses than the others or that crime is far lower than in England & Wales.

Today, BBC Scotland tells us that Aslef have settled their dispute with Scotrail but use the opportunity only to repeat the tales of football and music fans inconvenienced and tell us nothing of what is happening elsewhere in the UK. BBC Business recognising the validity of context in good journalism does:

Members of the RMT union at 13 train companies and Network Rail walked out in what was the biggest rail strike in 30 years. Talks between the RMT union and rail operators resumed today. The Aslef ballot results are among drivers at Chiltern, GWR, LNER, London Overground, Northern, Southeastern, TransPennine and West Midlands.

Meanwhile, Aslef train drivers working for ScotRail have voted to accept a 5% pay increase, ending the dispute that had led to a reduced timetable for almost two months.

A few days ago, we saw another example of the very different agenda at BBC UK/England where they will happily report better services in Scotland as BBC Scotland looks the other way:


4 thoughts on “Comparing Scotland with England but only when it hurts Scotland’s image of itself

  1. You can tell that wasn’t a BBC Scotland piece on the Nursery, as there were no “concerned” parents, who just “happened” to be there, who could then in turn give a suitable grief story, including the words “Nicola Sturgeon”, to an even more concerned Glenn Campbell.

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    1. Glenn Campbell must have to debrief after his (lying) reports every day, the harrowing stories he tells about Scotland being so sh**e, must take its toll.


  2. The BBC Scotland article in question is a re-hash of their previous “ScotRail drivers’ pay deal vote could end train disruption” article I archived and posted earlier , this time minus open comments
    – I note on finding it again that the 183 “Nicola ate my hamster” comments had risen to 601 before the story was demoted…. πŸ™„

    As you correctly observed, the positive manner in which Scotland can be reported in England (or indeed Wales) is in stark contrast to the relentlessly negative and context free reporting by the BBC in Scotland for consumption by Scots.

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