Scotland’s ‘nicer weather’ linked to fewer climate-related deaths

From STV’s Philip Petrie last night:

Friday’s buzz word across many news outlets was “heatwave” and yes the UK did have some really hot weather – but it was only across England and Wales. For us in Scotland it wasn’t as nice, quite a windy day and we had some rain and drizzle at times – which undoubtedly left a lot of people wondering “heatwave, what heatwave?”

I was at the Holy Fair in Ayr yesterday, on the Low-Green, fully exposed to the sun and sea breezes, my lungs luxuriating in the ‘champagne’ of air quality that we often get on Scotland’s Atlantic coast. It was really ‘nice.’

I’ve been in the English midlands at 36C. It was not ‘nice.’ I just wanted to lie down in the shade with a fan and do nothing till nightfall.

Why a heatwave is not nice for the UK:

How many heat-related deaths in UK?

An analysis restricted to warm days in the four warmest months of the year showed an increase of 1,643 deaths [2001 to 2020], an average of 82 per year (Table 2). Excess deaths because of heat are expected to rise in future with accelerating climate change

In Scotland?

Glasgow and Edinburgh are among the safest cities in the world when it comes to protection against the effects of global warming, according to new research.

3 thoughts on “Scotland’s ‘nicer weather’ linked to fewer climate-related deaths

  1. MSM gloating that Scotland had poorer weather when London S/E had a heatwave.

    Yesterday London S/E was colder and rainier. Scotland was bathed in sunshine. No comment by MSM.

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  2. I always found it comical how the UK media reacted to weather events, even as 6/7th of Sevenoaks was passing over the Channel reducing the place to Oneoak, Michael Fish merely apologised, and life moved on.
    Not too many years ago the media were complaining of rail-lines buckling and continuous concrete paving exploding at a “blistering 30 degrees” in England without mention of the downpour which caused it, yet is this any different to the wrong type of snow or leaves or rain or wind from the UK’s Environment Secretary George Useless, who avoids Jeremy Hunt like the plague lest Useless grow an extension.
    Yet as you’ve highlighted, Scotland’s peely-wally gingers could have been fried to death in England and should be supremely jealous on missing out.

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  3. I don’t know, Scotland you are so very rubbish no idea why anyone would want to live here, jeezo!
    Mind you here in the south east of Scotland it’s been very mixed, but very dry, so lots of good Scottish waters required to water the veg and fruit. yesterday I felt a bit chilly, until I thought about those suffering the heat in Paris and thought, hmm, they’d love this cool wind right now!
    Check out this, click on ‘earth’ for details and switch to ‘classic’ is best and easiest I think and you can zoom in and out, navigate using mouse thingy, and can bring up current data etc by clicking on earth then ‘temp’ etc.

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