No, Scotland’s airports are not facing holiday disruption?

Reporting Scotland’s Connor Gillies (14) opens with:

Scotland’s airports have distanced themselves from the chaos at English airports in recent weeks which saw thousands of people queuing for hours before some missed their flights. But could Scots passengers be facing delays when the summer holiday season kicks in later this month?

The disappointment is understandable given the Reporting Scotland editorial line on crises in England being immediately transferred to Scotland, regardless of the lack of evidence.

What evidence does Gillies have for turning this good news story bad? Negative guesswork about staff shortages and school holidays and, ONE complainant.

Mike Dodgson appears across the Scottish MSM as the only unhappy traveller they seem to be able to find. Mike, a company director, lives in Barnard Castle in NE England. Where have I heard that name before?


3 thoughts on “No, Scotland’s airports are not facing holiday disruption?

  1. I note ABC ( BBC )
    Did not elaborate upon Ryan Air and the Brexit effect
    Ryan Air were smart enough to re register the whole fleet to EU countries
    Pre Brexit
    Might not seem much but when it comes to maintaining flights in/ out of EU has a massive effect
    Furthermore Ryan Air were ultra smart during the pandeminc , it basically analysed its core routes and bases,then made sure key staff such as Pilots and Snr.cabin staff were retained E.G.
    In order for a commercial airline allowed to land/ take off within EU airspace
    Very strict requirements
    1.Pilots and key staff MUST
    Log in a minium number actual flying hrs each month, fail to and complete resit of all courses Very time consuming and expensive
    2.Landing slots once more a minium no of take off / landings p.c.m required to retain your allocated slots
    3.If any aircraft grounded for more than 1 month
    Then flying certificate removed until thourgh and expensive maintenance and checks carried out and
    Subsequently certified by Independent accredited inspectors
    All this hideously expensive and extremely limiting to operations.

    Therefore Ryan Air immediately not only spotted the problem,but realised their main competitors were ruthlessly cutting key personnel leaving them in a most precarious market situation as restrictions lifted
    Ryanair e.g at Alicante Spain where it has 14 aircraft based and the Lions share of landing slots
    Made sure that all aircraft and key personnel took off
    Circled the Airport and landed to ensure all EU regulations fully complied with
    Result almost Zero cancellations, raking in the money,damaging its main competitors big time
    Ah but you will hear none of this as The Greedy British Airways , Easy Jet and TUI layed off thousands of key staff and grounded aircraft
    They sowed this passengers stupid enough to book with them reap
    Brexit and greed joined at the hip , indeed is a potent
    Economic damaging tool

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    1. Addition to my previous comment as so few people realise one of the many but serious consequences of Brexit the robber of much and the gifter to the YES vote
      1.UK was offered at commencement of Brexit negotiations to retain full EU Civil aviation membership but immediately declined by stating that UK standards were best in the World
      That fooled all the Brexiteer,s well and truly
      2.Given above China now will not allow Russian aircraft use its air space
      Why because EU sanctions have after 1 month has led to Russian commercial aircraft without EU certification, which China said that it cannot ever allow any aircraft use its air space as EU certification is highly regarded in safety issues
      And as China signed up for EU certification it feels bound by duty and honour
      To follow such
      Stating that it was not Sanctions against Russia but a matter of honouring
      EU civil aviation rules to the letter and vital that all its civil air operating companies do so in order to thrive in international markets
      3.So by default UK airlines are now being found wanting in these matters
      Apparently being Best in The World are mere empty Rhetoric when it comes to all aircraft and personnel being properly certified to use EU airspace
      And along came a spider in the form of Covid
      And UK got caught in its web
      Oh what webs they weave as they planned to deceive
      And stupidly they are still busy weaving as they deliberately omit to inform us of another Brexit f**k up
      Even secretly at the very top of the British elite admissions being made that the next government is going have to start new negotiations with EU and full membership high on the agenda
      Ah but ” Burnt Bridges ” springs to mind

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  2. BBC Northern Territories.
    Flying a kite, as usual.

    Trouble with high winds–emanating from Hi Jack and team!


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