‘Crisis-hit yard’ NOT in crisis?

The good news is in there. It’s just the headline distorting the content to keep the ‘crisis’ going as long as possible.

The Ferguson Marine yard is ‘on an upward curve.’

Completion dates for the delayed ferries have been agreed. Remember these were new complex designs not thoroughly planned by the Jim McColl team. Meanwhile, all six of the Royal Navy’s Type 45 Destroyers will be at least SEVEN years late, to be repaired fully. Just repaired, remember.

The yard has successfully built similar small ferries over the last ten years.


5 thoughts on “‘Crisis-hit yard’ NOT in crisis?

  1. John, small point of dissent – or at least possible dissent depending on what any inquiry finds – with this “designs not thoroughly planned by the Jim McColl team”.
    My suspicion is that CMAL are at least part of the problem here. I’m not sure they were happy with innovative designs and kept changing their mind, making “planning” by McColl’s people (who I suspect are not innocent either) much more difficult.

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  2. “Crisis-hit” Hootsmon newspaper gaslighting Scottish enterprise.

    Nothing on….
    HS2–£80 billion over budget. Years late.
    Crossrail–£4 billion over budget. Years late.
    Ajax military vehicles–£3.2 billion spent. Not one viable vehicle built. Years late.
    Every major UK program announced has three things to note.
    1. It tends to be in London.
    2. It is usually the “biggest in Europe”.
    2. It is always late, and cost £billions more than cost estimates.

    This is before the refitting of Westminster. originally costed at £1.5 billion, the latest guestimate is £22 billion.


  3. The Ferries are innovative and will be cheaper to run. Any extra spent will soon be recuperated. Saving money for years and years. The technical knowledge can be shared worldwide saving £Billions.

    The Defence over spend on non fulfilled contracts has been a scandal for years. Wasting £Billions of public contracts. Goods ordered not being completed. Then becoming obsolete. Then ordering more. A repeat pattern. A complete scandal.

    Westminster selling illegal weapons worldwide. Keeping it secret under the Official Secrets Act since the 1960’s. Harold Wilson. Trident another absolute waste of public monies,


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