BBC Scotland pushes the monarchy harder

Four Jubilee stories for Scotland, where the Union is under threat and where support for the monarchy is the lowest in the UK:

But only one on the BBC UK website.

We saw the same thing back in April:

Even on the day after the funeral, three out of seven headline stories were about the Duke of Edinburgh.

BBC England had only one. BBC Wales and Northern Ireland had none.

What’s in the minds of BBC Scotland editors when this happens? Do they feel intuitively that we just need a bit more encouragement to value the monarchy? Do they think these stories will weaken the independence movement?


18 thoughts on “BBC Scotland pushes the monarchy harder

  1. Scotland has gone from having no Queen Elizabeth’s to now having a second one—in one mighty Imperialist leap.

    Born in 1949 it was commonplace to hear of the Queen of England.
    The future King of England (Charlie).
    The English Prime Minister. (MacMillan was one of them).
    The War–between England and Germany, apparently.
    And so on.

    Roll on independence when Scotland and England can be friends, collaborators and rivals.
    Its noticeable that London — Dublin have a better relationship than London–Edinburgh.
    England regards Ireland as a equal, and self-governing country, but not Scotland.
    Scotland is an “Administered Territory”, in the words of Whitehall.

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  2. Why do the UK state representatives (Royal family) always have to don military attire on state occasions?
    All that they do is demonstrate the vast gulf that exists between England’s elite and their subjects,aided and abetted by the town criers.
    Perhaps if they wore boiler suits,hard working people might epathise more.

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    1. ‘All that they do is demonstrate the vast gulf that exists between England’s elite and their subjects …’

      Is that not the point, the purpose? Now that the ‘divine right’ has been downplayed, at least in public discourse, the ‘family’ has to rely on other ways to continually reinforce a sense of ‘difference’ and thus an attempted justification for its (never-ending) privileged position.

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  3. Aye John, and note the UK/England headline is Betty pulling out of the thanksgiving service…..
    “What’s in the minds of BBC Scotland editors when this happens?” – What the man from the Ministry advised in all probability.
    For the BBC in Scotland’s “advisers” it’s not necessarily the content put up which matters rather than what is crowded out as consequence….

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  4. Yep, your last paragraph is indeed the answer. They can’t do it in Ireland because they have to respect different allegiances there, Wales I think they don’t even consider but Scotland? How dare you try to be different? Caught a clip of Glen Campbell trying to push Nicola Sturgeon to say she was a monarchist which was then followed up later by Martin Geisler talking to John Curtice. I think it must be like probing a sore tooth for them, or else hoping for a slip up so they can have Sturgeon hates the Queen headlines

    Luckily I have a good book and Derry Girls to look forward to, need to avoid the coronation reenactment taking place today along the road from me

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  5. It is their way of
    “Banging the Drum ”
    Just a more subtle way than what happens during certain walks ,summer parades, whose bangers seriously attempt to bang it to bursting point, especially as they halt outside places of Worship
    Of a particular denomination
    For such one but can fail to
    Appreciate their honesty
    Well as for ABC ( BBC)
    You require a dictionary to explain what Honesty actually means
    But the drum that shall burst their ears is a simple cross on a piece of paper
    Upon the Yes box
    Oh how mighty a little pencil can be,far far more than a drum stick
    And they know that and tis raw fear they possess if ever truth be told

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  6. It is simply about subserviance and why we should be grateful and thankful having priviliged masters there to govern us. It is also why we have the ‘Honours’ system as the State knows the ‘Patronaged’ will have a bigger say in the media limelight to ingrain the message that for lowly ‘Commoners’ we are incapable of rising to the challenge.

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  7. Indeed, typical of England’s government controlled BBC. In your face Scotland (!) never looked so damn obvious. The ads recently seen on Youtube with Charlie telling us how many kids are starving in the world in poor countries, is truly sickening on so many levels.

    The selfish entitled mega rich extended family and all that pomp and pagentry needs to be ditched for good. It’s 2022 and still this utterly undemocratic class system in the UK is embraced by so many as if it’s normal. It’s not normal, it’s not acceptable and it’s time to ‘move on’ from such a disgraceful display of inequality, and the real effects of the UK class system where money and privilege is designed to keep the rich and powerful in power, and the rest of the people poor and even destitute, where the poor are looked down upon, sanctioned, and even treated as criminals for being poor. England’s divide and rule class system has no place in a modern, forward looking 21st century Scotland. No thanks.

    The DWP are very likely going to be handed powers of arrest on those they believe are committing (Universal credit!) ‘benefits’ fraud, no police or actual lawyers or courts need be involved, and DWP can seize peoples’ possessions and fine them, while demanding any money (the few measly £’s they awarded to a desperate and/or disabled person with some added ridicule and humiliation to boot!) be paid back!

    Scotland really needs to escape the fascist UK, but, leave the monarchy out of any discussions, until AFTER independence is secured? (some folks sadly believe they are a force for good) then ditch the lot of them!

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    1. Agree with every word of your post ArtyHetty.

      Your final paragraph is also very astute, we are not going to win people over with todays front page in ‘The National’ (04.06).
      This does the Independence Movement no favours at all.

      I don’t think the current monarch has much longer in this life and think that it would sit badly with a lot of potential ‘Yessers’ to give her, basically, a slap in the face just before she dies by saying “bye the way, we’re ditching the Monarchy”.
      We are not as cold hearted as that.

      Get Independence first, then have a referendum on becoming a republic.

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  8. O/T Finally the BBC has noticed the Westminster government/MoD’s Ajax programme! It’s published an article on the BBC News website c. 12 hours ago: I’ve just spotted a link to it. I’m not sure it had a prominent position on the site for long though – if ever!

    See: ‘Delays to Ajax armoured vehicles risk national security, MPs warn’ ( )

    From the article: ‘The government must either scrap or fix a troubled modern armoured vehicle programme – or risk compromising national security, a report has said. A review of the Ajax project by the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) concluded a “litany of failures” had led to the years-long delays.

    ‘So far NO OPERATIONAL VEHICLES have been delivered, DESPITE THE 12-YEAR-OLD PROJECT ALREADY COSTING OVER £3BN. The new reconnaissance vehicle was SUPPOSED TO ENTER SERVICE IN 2017.’ (my emphasis)

    ‘Since the contract was signed in 2014, the project has delivered 26 reconnaissance vehicles out of a promised 589 vehicles – which CAN ONLY BE USED FOR TRAINING.

    ‘The PAC report expressed scepticism that the Ajax programme could be delivered within existing contract arrangements. The committee said delays had forced the military to make “operational compromises” like prolonging deployment of the Warrior armoured vehicle, which was first used in 1987. It argues that the project has been POORLY PLANNED AND MANAGED, with MAJOR SAFETY ISSUES discovered during testing leading to the significant delays.’

    ‘As of December 2021, more than 300 MILITARY PERSONNEL MAY HAVE BEEN HARMED by excessive vibration and noise.’

    We learn that PAC Committee chairwoman Dame Meg Hillier (Labour) said (politely) that the government “must fix or fail this programme, before MORE RISK TO OUR NATIONAL SECURITY AND MORE BILLIONS OF TAXPAYERS’ MONEY WASTED”. No ‘excessive’ language here. The PAC is a cross-party committee. The article has NOTHING in the way of comment/judgement from opposition politicians.

    So to recap: national security being compromised; £3 billion spent so far for very little; at least 5 years late and counting; 300 military personnel possibly harmed – clearly nothing here to get opposition politicians roused, not like ‘ferries’!

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    1. sterwartb
      The simple truth is that the UK has very little capabilities left now to build anything at all in volume
      A list for you
      Commercial Aircraft
      Commercial HGV,s
      Ditto Ships
      Computers and all that goes with it
      Domestic appliances
      Clothing and shoes
      The list is almost endless
      Hence England by a mile has the largest Trade deficit of all Nations
      The complete infrastructure reqd.has been ripped out
      England is a Nation of Spivs.Dog groomers,Dodgy
      Bankers and Insurers,Car valets, Hairdressers and once more the list grows and grows
      Fortunately Scotland still has some key areas left by which we can pay our way in the world
      Westminster is about to completely de regulate the financial markets in desperation
      But it so bloody obvious how that shall end
      The Nuclear power stations requiring billions to complete, almost certain to fail as China on brink of pulling out
      And EDF confirm that there is no contractual clause that keeps them in
      When China leaves a very Hostile American lap dog England to stew in its decomposing rank ex colonial juices
      Wake wake up England it is
      Really all over now for you
      The longer you remain in denial then matters only ever become untenable by each and every passing day of delusional grandeur
      Your future is most certainly not orange far less bright but none other than hellish
      Such is referred to as Karma and overdue for the terrible acts committed in days if Empire
      Cause and Effect it called
      You done the cause so you must suffer the effect now big time
      Forget rejoining Europe as they now know truly what weasels you are Little Englander
      No one and i mean No One
      Neither needs or wants you are a Pariah

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  9. John
    Must respond to your Headline word “Push ”

    Well then tis it not whilst seated upon the throne
    As nature calls for a long Hard PUSH is more often than not required to successfully complete the need and task at hand.
    Putting such politely ” Defecate ”
    So by default me believes indeed BBC indeed really pushing hard on matters of
    A Scatological Nature and more than they are actually aware off


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