Homicide at all time low and violent crime up slightly

This journalism game – it’s all about choices and, sometimes ignoring facts that might spoil a ‘good’ headline.

From Police Scotland today, there were only 45 homicides, down from 55 in 2020/2021, 65 the year before and 134 in 2004/2005.

As for the Herald’s six-year-high, read this:

An overall increase in violent crime (11.2%) is measured against a significant reduction during 2020-21 (-10%) due to the restrictions in place at the time. The five year mean (+2.1%) offers more insight into violent crime.


And on detection rates:

Whilst the number of detections has risen, these have not kept pace with the volume of additional reporting. As a result, detection rates have fallen 4.7 percentage points against the five year mean.


4 thoughts on “Homicide at all time low and violent crime up slightly

  1. Meanwhile in England (and Wales??) Police response times are getting longer and in some cases they do not respond at all.

    There was a quite shocking report about this on the BBC News a few days ago. Below is a link to the news report on the BBC News web site

    Woman tracks down her own stolen car before a police investigation – https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-61592910

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  2. “Mr Taggart, Mr Taggart—thirz bin a MURDO”!

    “Aye, son, but keep it qwait, eh. Dont waant tae disturb the honest folk aboot here”!

    Thankfully, MURDO’s in Scotland are on the decline, though the Hootsmon still gives him column inches.

    The violent nationalist language of the Brit Nats is still on the rise.
    Nothing positive to offer Scots, they descend into the gutter to try to diminish us.


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