What does Aslef executive fear? Upsetting their UK bosses and Scottish Labour?


Last week, Aslef’s Kevin Lindsay is quoted as saying:

Aslef entered these talks in good faith. We have negotiated a pay offer of 4.2%, a three-year, no compulsory redundancy deal and a number of other improvements. These will now be put to our members for their consideration.


Today, they’ve done a u-turn and won’t let the members decide. Why? They fear the drivers might accept? This?

ASLEF delegates have rejected a motion to disaffiliate from Labour by 74 votes to nine after general secretary Mick Whelan told the train drivers’ union that staying in the party is “the only game in town” for working people and their families.


Lindsay is former Vice Chair of the Scottish Labour Party.


3 thoughts on “What does Aslef executive fear? Upsetting their UK bosses and Scottish Labour?

  1. Alba: Scotland & Sasann: England…

    “Upsetting their UK Bosses and Scottish Labour”? (?!)… ‘The Unreal Kingdom’ shares certain capital letters with the so-called UK; and that archipelago is the island landmass where Scotland, England and Wales are. Anyway, while these few words are a mixture of facts and a flavour of my feelings, the word flavour’s an extremely polite style of speech. If I use my mother tongue:
    ‘An Rìoghachd Aonaichte (RA)’ = ‘The United Kingdom (UK)’; (perhaps you see why one English word saves a lot of space? 😉

    Bilingualism describes how our family talked; in my youth, Gàidhlig – (Scottish) Gaelic – was literally our mother’s tongue! Nowadays, I’m delighted to learn that Scotland’s youth are now being more drawn toward what WAS my own first language! My delight’s about more than forms of speech – it’s equally that an increasing number of our population understand that Scotland HAS been an internationally
    recognised and respected nation! Please remember that Scotland’s people ARE Sovereign: possessing supreme or ultimate power… Our population’s legitimate and honourable place!


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  2. Unions rejected the need to train more drivers.

    Scotland pays for crossrail and HS2. Services in Scotland are cut. London Transport is heavily subsidised by taxpayers.


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