8% of the population 60% of the gas production?

Down at the bottom there, a story of how one gas field, Jackdaw, in Scottish waters and unlocked due to the war in Ukraine, can produce 6.5% of all of the UK’s output.

I wondered, what is the total percentage now?

There must be something more recent than the 50% suggested in this 2015, but still striking, graphic.


Nevertheless, putting the 50% together with this new announcement, we might reasonably be looking at 60% or more?

On the 8% theme, see more at:


14 thoughts on “8% of the population 60% of the gas production?

  1. We are no more than a milch cow for England.
    Gas, oil, electricity–all flowing south.

    If you add in Faslane, you can see why England refuses us our, internationally recognised “right of self-determination”—which is what Sturgeon should be demanding.

    England by dint of its population size has it. —
    –Theresa May, with a minority government in 2019, and with NO electoral mandate was still offering to hold a second Brexit referendum three years after the first.

    Ireland/Northern Ireland has it (Downing Street Declaration/Good Friday Agreement)—and we all know why that is ( a terrible beauty is born).

    Scotland is constitutionally powerless to find a democratic, legal route to independence.
    Our colonial media pundits gaslight us daily with the “English veto” (it is recognised that no one from Scotland could be PM after devolution) .

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    1. gavinochilltree
      But let none whatsoever forget that as a matter of
      Undisputed fact
      Westminster is Not the Sovereign power
      It is us the citizens of Scotland who are without any doubt whatsoever
      Come all ye and challenge
      I dare you
      Ah but if so tis merely a fool,knave and a paper tiger who stupid enough to
      Declare and rule we have no rights and as such merely a constitutional subject of Westminster
      Cum oot ya feardies
      And declare your stance

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  2. Just as it was and remains over oil, there is much more going behind the headlines to obscure what is actually going on over UK or indeed Scottish energy supplies
    – Oil used to be one of the most deliberately obscured and least understood by the public, now the focus has moved onto gas, hence they got away with the “Russian Gas” nonsense over UK supplies, as I recall salted by Andrew Marr.
    The UQ is not and never has been reliant on Russian gas – At the height of the “energy crisis” companies via complicit government exported record volumes of gas, so “Crisis, what Crisis” indeed.

    Recent focus has been on Wind (and Tidal-) generation in Scotland, yet in England it is presented as minor player only because England’s yield is peanuts by comparison with Scotland, yet which bluntly keeps the lights on in England.

    Hence I greatly amused to read an article suggesting SG pay to upgrade it’s spinal power transfer network to take better advantage of incoming power streams – Translated – Scotland must pay to upgrade the transmission network to better serve England…


    1. Bob
      So few understand oil and its economics
      And i always find that when i impart this simple and most important matter,then all in a instant can fully comprehend all the politics,wars,controlling,
      economics, our addiction to it and the oncoming environmental and climate change catastrophic consequences now decendening upon humanity and this lonesome planet
      So what is that vital info to let you comprehend oil
      Just 1 Barrel of oil put into
      A large earthmoving machine can move X m3 of
      Earth 100 M.in a 8 hr shift in ave.weather conditions
      If no oil and the m3 has to be moved the same distance in the same time Manually
      Then you require how many young healthy fit hard working men to = what the barrel of oil can do
      Answer 26000 number
      Question where do you find these 26000 men and only have £ 100 to pay ALL of them ÷ by 26000 for a very hard 8 hr.shift
      Now do you understand oil


  3. And…
    The North Sea and West of Shetland has 48 known discoveries with 2.3 billion barrels of oil equivalent, and new research has shed light on the challenges in getting them developed.
    Westwood Global Energy Group set out the figures, coming as oil remains well-beyond $100 a barrel and as the UK Government’s recently-published energy security strategy called for further development of domestic oil and gas resources.



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