BBC Scotland politicising the NHS

In the above BBC Wales report, 1 646 words and not one criticism (0%) from the opposition parties is reported.

In the BBC Scotland report, only 598 words and 137 (23%) of them from the three opposition parties:

Scottish Tory health spokesman Dr Sandesh Gulhane said: “These worst ever A&E waiting time figures are simply atrocious. They are a damning indictment of Humza Yousaf’s time as health secretary and ought to shame the SNP government.”

He said that excess waits inevitably lead to needless deaths.

“It’s now more than six months since Humza Yousaf’s patently inadequate Covid recovery plan was published, yet we’ve still seen no plan B for tackling the ever-growing A&E waiting times,” Dr Gulhane said.

Scottish Labour deputy leader, Jackie Baillie, said the figures exposed a “record-breaking failure in A&E”.

She added: “Thousands of lives are now being risked in A&E departments on a weekly basis – this is completely unacceptable.”

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Alex Cole-Hamilton called for an urgent inquiry into avoidable deaths caused by the crisis in emergency care.

All BBC Scotland’s NHS reports platform the three opposition parties.

Remember, for April, NHS Scotland seeing 71% in 4 hours and NHS Wales seeing 66%.


4 thoughts on “BBC Scotland politicising the NHS

  1. BBC Scotland is an imperialistic Trojan Horse for the Brit Nits.

    “Roll up, roll up….git yer Brit Nat propaganda here!”
    “Today’s special is Murdo from Seville–always rejected, but never dejected”!
    “No sad Loser Guy face on oor Murdo”.

    “Simply the Second Best”…….. is Murdo’s favourite song.

    “Losing votes is never easy, you know,
    But as my bank account shows….,
    My love for D’Hondt, it grows and grows”.

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    1. Agree with you Robert.
      But your possibly not thinking it through. They will all have private health care founded by someone else, possibly us. So they have no problem bad mouthing, dismantling and selling off, our SNHS.
      In fact we elected, or allowed their election, we fund them to live in a separate society to us, and most of the time they work hard against us.


  2. O/T For interest, I came across this from 29 January 2021 on the occasion of a railway being taken into public ownership:


    ‘Mick Whelan, general secretary of ASLEF, the train drivers’ union, has responded to today’s announcement by Grant Shapps, the Secretary of State for Transport, that the Northern franchise is to be brought back into public ownership.

    ‘Mick said: ‘We welcome today’s decision, because we want the railway in public ownership, but let’s do it properly, with a clear, long-term, strategic vision, not just as a short-term response to the years of franchised failure.

    ‘THERE WON’T BE AN IMMEDIATE IMPROVEMENT because many of the systemic failures at Northern – the late delivery of new rolling stock, the cancellation by the Conservative government of infrastructure upgrades, TRYING TO RUN A SERVICE WITH TOO FEW DRIVERS – CANNOT BE REMEDIED OVERNIGHT.’

    Well perhaps not ‘overnight’, that would indeed be unrealistic. But it should be remedied within two months it seems, at least in Scotland – and it should be sorted even tho’ Aslef members decide within these same two months to stop overtime working! Does an SNP Government’s action on rail nationalisation merit less consideration, less patience, than a Tory government’s?

    The BBC News website tells us: “the Aslef union accused the Scottish government of “industrial vandalism” over the cuts’ – ‘vandalism’? So have I got this right? There are cuts to services that are necessary to address driver shortages which in turn are being exacerbated by Aslef members’ actions which in another situation of driver shortages – a Tory government’s rail nationalisation – Aslef acknowledges ‘cannot be remedied overnight?


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