BBC is ‘protecting’ the A&E performance of NHS England

Conservative Party Protection Zone?

By stewartb

The BBC makes starkly different editorial choices in its news coverage for different parts of the UK. This is a phenomenon well known in Scotland to readers of TuS. As we know, one exemplar of this is the BBC’s coverage of A&E waiting times in the NHS. It’s become almost boringly repetitive to present evidence of this in relation to Scotland. So let’s look at evidence today of BBC double standards to the disadvantage of Wales.

Just published on the BBC News website’s ‘Wales’ and ‘Wales Politics’ pages is an article under this headline: ‘NHS Wales: Emergency waiting times nearly the worst ever’ .

(see  )

We learn this (with my emphasis): ‘In April JUST 65.9% OF PATIENTS SPENT LESS THAN FOUR HOURS in departments like A&E from arrival until they were admitted, transferred or discharged. Although this is A SLIGHT IMPROVEMENT ON THE PREVIOUS MONTH’S FIGURE OF 65.1% – it is still the third worst monthly figure ever recorded.’ Keep in mind the ‘just’ 65.9%!

This prompted me to find out what the latest equivalent NHS England figures are and also how the BBC was reporting them. NHS England’s performance data for the month of April 2022, issued on 12 May can be found here:  .

Firstly some context given by the NHS England report: ‘Emergency admissions via type 1 A&E departments is 8.5% lower than April 2021 and 11.5% lower than April 2019.’

Then we learn that: ’59.0% of patients were seen within 4 hours in type 1 A&E departments compared to 58.7% in March 2022, 78.8% in April 2021 and 77.0% in April 2019.’

And: ‘There were 132,000 four-hour delays from decision to admit to admission this month, which compares to 48,700 in April 2021 and 66,900 in April 2019. Of these, 24,100 WERE DELAYED OVER TWELVE HOURS (from decision to admit to admission), which compares to 526 in April 2021 and 442 in April 2019. THIS IS THE HIGHEST NUMBER REPORTED SINCE THE COLLECTION BEGAN.’

(As an aside: I wonder how long these 24,100 patients were waiting in A&E BEFORE a ‘decision to admit’ them was made? I wonder how many more hours needs to be added to their over 12 hour wait in order to get the true picture of their A&E experience?)

Anyway, NHS England in April had ‘nearly the worst ever’ A&E waiting time performance AND also it had its worst ever figures for over 12 hour waits.

Given this, it’s reasonable to ask: ‘what coverage, what headlines appeared on the BBC News website to reflect this? What appeared in its ‘England’ section or in its ‘Politics’ section, even in its ‘Health’ section? There is not a great search function on the BBC News website but I did look hard -found NOTHING comparable.

The latest A&E performance statistics for NHS England are worse – arguably in some ways much worse – than those for NHS Wales but that is NOT how the BBC is choosing to report these matters.


8 thoughts on “BBC is ‘protecting’ the A&E performance of NHS England

  1. How can all the greasy pole climbers of the ABC (BBC) Possibly ever turn round and bite the hands of those who feed them or
    Recently recruited staff who have been subtley and discreetly informed of the little doggie and goody bags of reward treats that awaits their compliance
    Example David Lockhart Wallace recently upgraded from ABC Scotland To ABC
    Why because he has been a good little boy for Auntie
    And served a most excellent apprenticeship with them in Scotland
    No doubt the little weasel is carefully being groomed
    For the Indy Ref 2 Grufts show,and as far as ABC goes they know when the Indy 2 Ref.comes along then it will be the biggest show in town since The Act of Union
    “England Expects ”
    Come all ye traitors David
    You stupid little Boy
    Aunties milk is running dry
    And will leave a acrid taste
    They will throw you off her breast just when you shall require vital sustenance when Scotland takes back our Nation
    History always shows what becomes of failed Empires

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh do be fair – David Wallet Lockedhard (Mr Enunciation 2020) worked tirelessly on “the credibility gap” of BBC Scotland, and it worked until the mask of impartiality slipped.
      Getting a grip on the greasy pole of promotion in PQ is as nothing to going national, but he knew well retiring Scots voices would create an opening eventually on grounds of national representation.
      He played the odds and he’s welcome to his thirty pieces of silver….
      Even in England Mr “In my opinion…” Campbell is not taken seriously so we’re stuck with him…
      Quisling is a very under-rated career…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. A noo man in a noo job.

        Anyone who can constantly purse his lips and cross his eyebrows while “enunciating”, while looking like a frustrated serial killer, deserves his wee spell in the sun.

        I doubt there will be a billet for him when Scotland gets its own broadcaster, but he probably has more chance than the drones in Pacific Quay.


  2. What happens in the Motherland, is of no concern to us in the “Territories”.
    We must learn to respect our “betters”, touch our forelocks, and avert our gaze as they pass us by.
    The BBC that operates in Scotland, want us all to emulate the branch parties mentality, those who receive their orders from “above”, do as they are told, and keep the natives in our place.

    Push and pull.
    Push–The Daily Supress political hack stated a decade ago that–“there will be a great reward for whoever brings down Salmond”.

    Pull–For those Scots who do what they are told, there is a seat in the gravy train for life–Davidson, Ffoulkesakes, Menzies, Wallace, McConnell et al.
    Ermine vermin the lot o’ them.

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    1. Yep Sarwar, and Dross and no doubt that guy who is a Britnat list MSP who has gone awol to a footie match in Seville, are all after a wee seat in the House of unelected Lards in London for the £300++ a day benefits they will take from the public purse for life. I wonder which one of them will most likely get a seat, my bet’s on Sarwar. 50p.


      1. No, Alex Salmond was a genuine Big Beast (UK politician of the Year) and was mightily feared by the Establishment and their media flunkies.
        It is a real tragedy for Scotland that things are as they are.
        A BIG BIG loss!

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