QEUH’s child cancer wards had the same infection rate as other hospitals and infections could have been brought in by visitors

…with possible links to the building

For the umpteenth time, Reporting Scotland are pushing the ‘sick hospital’ narrative which they and the other MSM have used to try to oust SNP health ministers.

Linking deaths to possible hospital acquired infections has been reported over and over since around 2019, traumatised parents groomed by Labour have been interviewed and a case has been made out of no evidence.

However, as early as 2019, Greater Glasgow and Clyde Health Board had commissioned an independent expert report and this had found that there was ‘no evidence of a single point of exposure [in the building] causing the blood stream infection‘, implying that the bacteria could have been brought into the wards by visitors, and that infection rates in QEUH’s child cancer wards were no different from those in NHS Grampian and Lothian equivalents (p54).

Source: https://www.gov.scot/binaries/content/documents/govscot/publications/corporate-report/2021/03/queen-elizabeth-university-hospital-nhs-greater-glasgow-clyde-oversight-board-final-report/documents/queen-elizabeth-university-hospital-nhs-greater-glasgow-clyde-oversight-board-final-report/queen-elizabeth-university-hospital-nhs-greater-glasgow-clyde-oversight-board-final-report/govscot%3Adocument/queen-elizabeth-university-hospital-nhs-greater-glasgow-clyde-oversight-board-final-report.pdf


2 thoughts on “QEUH’s child cancer wards had the same infection rate as other hospitals and infections could have been brought in by visitors

  1. More Scotland is a basket case according to the English government controlled BBC.
    They know it works on some people but more than that their agenda is to sow doubt and mistrust about Scotland’s democratically elected government and what with an Indy ref on the horizon it’s going to be a full on main stream every day media assault against the people of Scotland.

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  2. Aye, I’d commented elsewhere on the BBC/Scotland webpage re-appearance of the failed QEUH campaign – Yet again they are abusing reporting on the public inquiry under a piece entitled “Scottish Hospitals Inquiry to focus on ventilation” which I note on revisiting has been given the Tardis treatment and now 23 minutes old.

    Despite acknowledging that this is the technical phase of the public inquiry and that “Families affected gave evidence to the public inquiry last year”, they feel obliged to recycle much of the same nonsense as before, complete with a dedicated ‘Where things went wrong’ section featuring Karen Stirrat to assist the BBC Stir-It.

    It is Lord Brodie who heads up the public inquiry to ascertain what if anything “went wrong”, but HMS James Cook can’t resist taking those incontinent pigeons out of for some exercise and shower the public with pearls of wisdom.

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