Herald and doctors’ trade union leader too close for comfort

Headlining in the Herald today:

Dr Graeme Eunson described the situation in A&E departments as “horrific” and said he fears the health service is heading towards a “twin-track” system where people who can afford to pay will get better care.


Using the same stock photograph from 2021, Eunson is presented as a ‘top consultant.’ He may be that too but he is first and foremost, a trade union leader with a priority role to promote his members’ interests.

Eunson has featured before here presenting unreliable survey results from the BMA suggesting consultants are unhappy with their tax bills or that too many vacancies are not being filled.

Describing the situation in Scotland’s A&E departments as ‘horrific’, as they average more than 71% in 4 hours, we wonder what the BMA in England would say of the 58% figure there or, for that matter, the 49% figure in the PM’s local hospital.

This is not news, it’s media campaigning by a trade union leader, the Herald’s go-to-guy when they want a scary NHS headline.

For more on Eunson: https://talkingupscotlandtwo.com/?s=Eunson


3 thoughts on “Herald and doctors’ trade union leader too close for comfort

  1. Has it not always been the case that people who can afford better will pay for it? As far back as the 60s I can remember my sister-in-law being a member of BUPA and she was a sister in a mental health hospital (at that time).

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  2. Empty barrels indeed do make the most noise
    As far as Scotland and Independence concerned then dividing up the SHNS
    in any serious manner
    Is akin to throwing a grenade into the constitutional debating chamber with the Pin pulled out
    In this instance creating a 2 tier system the bang for Indy would come from middle income earners who currently are sitting on the fence with regards
    Supporting Indy
    With regards the lower income group the Yes Genie is well and truly out of the bottle, never ever to
    Westminster would never ever even think of pulling the pin of this Scottish grenade


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