Ferries: SNP ministers did not need to inform EU

In 2015, the RMT took legal advice from EU procurement law expert Gordon Nardell QC on whether the Scottish Government was obliged to put the new CalMac ferries out to tender and, thus, be required to inform the EU.

Applying a provision known as the “Teckal exemption” he concluded that the Scottish Government did not need to put the service out to tender.  

The full text is here: https://www.rmt.org.uk/news/publications/teckal/?preview=true


2 thoughts on “Ferries: SNP ministers did not need to inform EU

  1. Pretty desperate stuff from the Herald’s Martin Williams, “MINISTERS are under scrutiny” despite “New calls have been made for a judge-led public inquiry” – Have they borrowed HMS James Cook’s Tardis for the first, and which mystery guest has made “calls” ?
    It has the distinct odour of Eau de Latrine from London, but why now when the EU rules no longer apply ?
    Are London expecting EU criticism over their handling of post-Brexit arrangements, or the Queen Elizabeth Line final costs becoming public (dwarfing the cost and time overruns of the FMEL fiasco) hence organised a new diversion with similar themes.

    The “ferries scandal” is on course to be getting dragged out much as the QEUH propaganda campaign, forever in the news despite few in the public domain honestly give a toss about it.

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    1. These matters, like the Starmer ‘Beergate’ are examples of the Tories and their media cronies ‘throwing dead cats on the table’ to divert attention from the corruption of this Government and Prime Minister and the impoverishment of increasing sections of the populations.

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