A record 2.7 million people were referred for cancer checks in the last year according to NHS England. It comes after a dramatic fall during the pandemic.

BBC 1 News at 13:00 today 2nd May 2022

England has 10 times the population so all things being equal you’d expect around 270 000 referrals in Scotland but there were only around 50 000 in 2021. Even the USA with more than five times the population of England had only 1.8 million in 2020.

We’ve seen dodgy stats from NHS England before on, for example, A&E waiting times. I await the correction on this.


8 thoughts on “Really?

  1. You’ve made my day John. Thanks for coming back. There has been so much BrtiNat pish skooshin’ over Scottish governance of the NHS of late that it’s like living in a stinking parallel reality. Your unique, authoritative commentary is invaluable.

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  2. Marvellous to hear from you again, John. Just take it easy, ignore the ‘wa**ers and keep us enlightened. Missed you very informative writings.

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    1. “Wa**ers”?

      “Have you anything to declare, before I pass sentence”?
      “Yes, M’lud. I was only looking at farm machinery”!


  3. Or per Derek over at WGD – The funniest comment that I’ve heard regarding Parish was that he’d gone home, only to find that his wife had left him, and that there was a John Deere letter on the kitchen table.

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