Scotland’s prison population to fall well below pro rata that in England and Wales

Much is made of Scotland having the highest prison population. The European media is 103.2 per 100 000. Scotland’s was 146.6 in 2020, having fallen from 150.4 in 2010.

As with violent crime, reputations change slowly, such that despite a 50% fall in violent crime in Scotland in the last 10-15 years, comedians still characterise it as stereotypically violent.

In 2020, there were 167 prisoners per 100 000 population in England and Wales, already significantly higher than in Scotland.

Today, we read in the Guardian, that after 12 years of Conservative rule and soaring crime rates, Dominic Raab has announced a further increase of 4 000 prison places to cope.

In November 2021, BBC Scotland reported: Scotland must reduce prisoner numbers, says watchdog but of course, offered none of the above context:

And in 2019, Scottish Legal News was still, inaccurately claiming: Scotland has highest prison population rate per head in Western Europe


UK Prison Population Statistics


2 thoughts on “Scotland’s prison population to fall well below pro rata that in England and Wales

  1. The Floggers/hang-em high (and often) brigade will be frothing even more than usual at this news.
    Soft on justice/soft on Nukes/soft on NHS privatization/soft on making up Westminster cuts—SNP will “suffer at the polls”.
    But they never do.
    Cock-a-doodle Cochrane in the Torygraf is howling the moon over us lot bad-mouthing Nick Robinson–all because he told lies.
    He complains over Hon Sarah getting pelters—but what about Cock-a-doodles wife and her contributions to polite discourse?
    Or all the other creepy Brit Nat commentariate?

    Just heard the BEEB news whine about how Scotland’s woman’s curlers “sneaked in to the last four”.

    Heard yesterday on BEEB news that 80MPH winds weren’t so serious for Scotland as “us daan saff”, because “Scotland gets them every winter”!
    Tell that to the NE of Scotland AND England who were without power for a week—how quickly will outages be fixed in the Home Counties? Wont take a week, that’s for sure.

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  2. The massive inroads and improvements that the SNP have made with regards to crime and prisoner numbers etc, in Scotland is a huge disappointment to the EngGov, the media and the BritNats in Scotland. It would be interesting to look back at the stats when the British Nationalists were at the helm. It hardly bears thinking about, but it is very clear the BritNats would not have even thought about reducing crime, nor improving lives of those most likely to commit crime so that they didn’t have to end up in prison. Of course the deliberate lack of policy on reducing drug addiction etc was all part of that utterly disgraceful BritNat neglect.

    Keep a people drugged, remove any prosepcts of a better life, reduce opportunities (so they have to leave their own country, or face a life of poverty and despair) keep crime as high as possible, keep taking that countries’ resources, classic tactics across the globe and something that the Latin American countries have been fighting against for a very long time, and still are fighting against, sadly it’s a losing battle though.

    I’ve said before here, our BritNat vote NO, older neighbour who used to teach at a high school, told me that the kids saw no point in doing homework or even classwork because they had no opportunities to look forward to after school. He was more ridiculing of them than anything.

    No political party, which works wholly and unequivocally in the interests of the country next door, should ever be given the reins in Scotland again. Only parties fully registered in Scotland, and automous to their original parties in England, should be allowed to stand in Scottish elections imho.

    Here is some info on a consultation by the Scottish Goverment on crime prevention etc.

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