Defence firms care nothing about borders between liberal democracies

The Times

Like the pensions scare, this rehashed set of rumours that, somehow, major corporations will flee an independent Scotland for England, is particularly wrinkled and fousty.

Yesterday it was Babcock International’s boss just making clear that they wanted a good relationship with an independent Scotland and that if they didn’t get one, they’d be off. They say that to everyone.

The clue is in the word ‘International.’ Babcock. According to the Times yesterday:

The Royal Navy engineer has spent £32 million to buy out the 50 per cent of Australia’s outsourced Naval Ship Management business that it does not own from Cimic, a Sydney-based conglomerate. Cimic used to be called Leighton; it inherited its stake in the Australian warship support business from an acquisition in 2016.

So, we go independent and a huffy UK Government tries to tell them to pull out even though they’ve been promised what they need to continue in Scotland? You know what the answer is. Imagine the UK fell out with Australia. Would they just pull out? What about BAe? Same?

These days nation states, other than the US, Russia and China, do not tell large corporations what to do. It’s the other way round.


9 thoughts on “Defence firms care nothing about borders between liberal democracies

    1. The big businesses do get involved politically as we saw in 2014. That is because they don’t want to be regulated, and taxed accordingly etc, which would be the case in an independent Scotland. That’s what they mean by ‘good relationship’, scratch their backs and they won’t up and leave! It’s all about money and profit, and if that means a few back handers to the English government, so be it, it’s all controlled by politics and money and vice versa. English government operate like the mafia, simple really.

      Scotland is not the only resource rich to be robbed by another country of course, Nigeria, oil rich country is struggling to get fuel for cooking homes and for cars right now. It’s all political and unrest is a classic tactic to keep robbing countries like Nigeria.

      So, two years of pandemic has made the rich much richer, but can that continue, without starting a war or three? War is a racket, there’s money in bombs and weapons, and it’s getting scary now.

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      1. Meant cooking in their homes! It looks like Nigerian people have generators that are dependent on diesel and petrol to cook etc, which is imported and recently it’s been substandard or contaminated so people are getting ill and getting angry.
        So who gets their oil?

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  1. I noted that the CEO stated “If we are not welcome in an independent Scotland we would leave”. What a stupid thing to say. What reason could he have envisaged that would make us say “get lost”?
    He was just being a Unionist lackey. Pathetic.

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  2. I hope Scotland does not run a big defence budget.

    rUK will WANT to spend on this area to maintain its profile as an IMPORTANT global player. However, it is not, cannot afford to be and will ruin its economy if it tries to keep up with the Big Boys.
    It will cost $20billion (probably more) to rebase Trident.
    Then there are the new boats etc to fund.
    Most of its bases are down south so that wont matter.
    It is already reducing its armed forces, and this gets noticed.
    Falklands anyone?


  3. Scotland loses £3Billion+ to tax evasion. UK tax Laws not enforced. Scotland pays £Billion+ too much for the military and Trident. Illegal wars etc. Migration used to justify Brexit in the rest of the UK. The migration caused by the illegal wars. The whole of Europe has to finance the Westminster UK/US failure. Killing millions and costing £Trillions. The Westminster sycophants ruining the world economy.

    Scotland is missing out on EU renewable grants and loans. Scotland would be better off Independent. Spending on what it needs instead of Westminster poor, bad decisions and greed. Scotland paying repayments on loans not borrowed or spent in Scotland. More Westminster poor, bad decisions, HS2, Hickley Point, Trident etc. Scotland revenues and resources bailing out London S/E. Instead of improving Scotland.

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  4. Scotland would not have to spend monies on redundant weaponry. The scandal of the Defence/military overspend. £Billions on defence systems that do no5 work. Redundant before projects are even finished. Bribery and corruption going on. Scotland spending £5Billion on Defence that is totally overspent waste of public monies.

    People are starving. The NHS are needing more funding. The Tories are increasing Defence spending £5Billion. They are killing people but spending more on unused redundant weaponry.

    Shared EU Defence spending kept Defence spending lower. Brexit costs more than was saved by EU membership and all the benefits. Nearest biggest market. CAP payments, reciprocal treaties with all the large trading nations. EU 450million people had more clout. In trading and Defence and stopping war and starvation Europe.

    The Tories are making money and capitalising on more Defence spending. They have shares in all the bloated military companies. They make money out of illegal wars,


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