Private Eye reveals Scottish Government’s PPE purchases far less costly

In a fine piece of investigative journalism, the most recent edition of Private Eye compares PPE purchasing in the pandemic, in England and Scotland, to reveal significant differences.

In crude terms England paid between 29% more for facemasks and 67% more for aprons. London spent £12bn compared to Scotland’s £300million.

The differences are attributed to Scottish Enterprise staff being sent to, for example China, to inspect products and increasingly working with Scottish manufacturers such that by April 2021, 88% of PPE was produced in Scotland, using Scottish raw materials.

Private Eye concluded: ‘The DHSc’s London-controlled PPE ‘cell’ was dishing out contracts like confetti to opportunistic businessmen.


3 thoughts on “Private Eye reveals Scottish Government’s PPE purchases far less costly

  1. I anticipate a BBC Scotland Disclosure programme on this very subject.

    A calm but steady voice with suitable pauses, and perhaps some wind and tree noise as the BBC Scotland reporter walks alone through a cemetery giving the procurement routes taken by both governments and the issues faced at that period in the pandemic .. or it could just be Douglas Ross pish about cutting the bottom of doors off.

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    1. What I see is Reporting Scotland and STV headlining with, “Scottish Tories demand explanation for junket to China, allegedly to ‘source’ PPE. Jackie Baillie for Scottish Labour says, “Aye it’s pure bad. It shoulda been us gaun tae China.”

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  2. Such a pity for the branch office Scottish
    Tories that they were unable to partake in the dripping roast of PPE contracts and enrich themselves and their cronies
    After all, they alone are the masters of massive corruption and economic mismanagement( labour runners up )
    But more importantly never ever shall they encounter such opportunities in Scotland
    No wonder they constantly whinging

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