And England is following Scotland?

Childish, playground, journalism from Reporting Scotland again. What their own website said 5 hours ago:

The UK’s Joint Committee for Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) officially backed the rollout of jabs to youngsters on Wednesday afternoon. But the Scottish and Welsh governments had already announced they would go ahead, having seen draft guidance.

Wales did officially commit yesterday evening. The Scottish Government clearly took a bit longer with the JCVI advice and committed around lunchtime today. There is no evidence they were watching to see what Wales would do. Why on earth would any adult think they were waiting to ‘follow suit?’ Report the facts available from you own sources.

Almost 9 hours later, the UK Government has, with curious wee additions like ‘non-urgent’ roll-out, has committed too.

Are they, Lisa, following Scotland or following the JCVI advice?


2 thoughts on “And England is following Scotland?

  1. Yes noticed this as well in line with a leaflet I got thro’ the door from a local trader ‘no job is too small for us’ as with the BBC Scot no opportunity is too insignificant to distort.

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  2. ITV tea-time ”National” news splashes the story that England is to vaccinate school kids – Wales , N.Ireland and Scotland later mentioned as an after thought .
    ”The country” is well served with these ”National” broadcasters .


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