Is there racial health inequality in Scotland?

I have no evidence to answer the above question fully but I think I do for a key element within it.

The Guardian report notes:

The Covid pandemic has taken a disproportionate toll on ethnic minorities, prompting fresh questions about inequalities that permeate the practice of medicine. The observatory ordered the review last year to synthesise the evidence, translate it into “actionable policy” and “challenge leaders to act”.

The link takes us to another report suggesting a 27% higher death rate among BAME groups in England.

4% of the Scottish population is recorded as one of the non-White ethnic minority groups. 98% of the deaths are registered as ‘White’ so, the mortality rate among non-White groups is lower at only 2% [p18].

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3 thoughts on “Is there racial health inequality in Scotland?

  1. O/T.
    Picture this:–
    A vast, threatening army sitting on your borders.
    A proposal to offer your social ELITE a “special deal”.
    A “Union” your King/Czar has wanted for generations.
    The opinion of the populace dismissed.

    Ukraine….or Scotland?
    Take your time, and take your pick.

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  2. Following the “everything is British” example set by the Express . . . a caller to Call Kay’s moanin . . . “When I’m using BRITISH RAIL”


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