Has Reporting Scotland dumped its third woman Covid expert in a row?

Readers will remember Professor Dev Sridhar on BBC Scotland in the early days of the pandemic until she complimented the FM and the Scottish strategy before Murdo Fraser and others blew up in indignation at her interfering. Professor Linda Bauld then became ubiquitous until she too made the mistake of pointing to official statistics revealing lower infection rates in Scotland and since has become rare at Pacific Quay.

For months now, we’ve had Jill Evans, not a prof or an epidemiologist, but head of health intelligence at NHS Grampian, on a regular basis to advise us on Covid developments without ever straying into comparisons with England but, yesterday, on Good Morning Scotland, she seems to have forgotten where she was and said:

Advice from the scientific community and the WHO (World Health Organization) is when you’re coming out of a peak or a spike, you do so slowly and you do so cautiously. I would argue at this point in time, certainly the potential of removal of self-isolation would be a step too far. The worst thing that could happen is that we remove things too quickly and we end up undoing a lot of the good that we’ve done and worked so hard for.

This flies in the face of the recent announcement by the PM of the UK that we would end self-isolation if you test positive, by the end of this month and, even more shockingly, questions the integrity of Kaye Adam’s radio call-in dog-whistle to re regulars on the very same topic:


She may get another chance but forcing Reporting Scotland remind viewers that is a dispute between Humza Yousaf and Boris Johnson with no objective science on either side involved, will cost her, I fear.

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6 thoughts on “Has Reporting Scotland dumped its third woman Covid expert in a row?

  1. It’s BBC Scotland’s child like mentality that seeps through their attempts to mislead and deceive, that is so soul destroying to what remains of their listeners and viewers. Nothing must ever sound positive in BBC Scotland land, so another negative patsy must be sought urgently.

    I am sure however that Baroness Ruth Davidson must have completed first aid training while she was a Territorial Army signaller, so as long as Pacific Quay can pay for her time, there you go!

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  2. I suspect very few viewers or listeners give credence to BBC in Scotland’s output any more, the Jill Evans piece came after ca 10 days of sustained pro-England attacks on the SG’s strategy, by the time Kaye Adams punted her “radio call-in dog-whistle” program it would have been clear public opinion had not shifted one iota.

    It is a rare of late to see public opinion in Scotland as well as England align negatively over London strategy, but from little I’ve seen of the broader media in England, they appear to have recognised how deeply unpopular Johnson’s strategy was, and backed off from promoting it, unlike Pacific Quay.

    Quite how PQ expect to function as a propaganda outfit when even fewer believe a word is a puzzle – The days when they could wheel out Prof Pennington or Stephen Montgomery are gone, at least Jill Evans escaped public censure.

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  3. There was surely a lesson for the very horrible Kaye Adams on her somewhat puzzling appearance on ‘BBC’s ‘Celebrity’ The Weakest Link’ recently. Despite not being the weakest link she was nonetheless ousted by her other two remaining contestants of I suspect English origin. For someone whose agenda along with others at PQ that persists in betraying her country and her people it was lovely to watch.

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  4. BBC Wales in happy to report the opinion of the Welsh Health Minister, that “no consultations” had taken place between London or any of the national governments within the UK–AT ANY LEVEL.
    That no scientific/health opinion had been forwarded to explain England “let it rip” decision.

    BBC “Scotland” is just a satellite of the Hi Jack Bunker and BBC London, its opinions pre-formed for them.

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  5. Devi Shridar (and Linda Bauld) regularly feature on CH4 news but then they employ actual journalists who would acknowledge that these people are experts worth listening to.

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