The drip of health anxieties brought to you daily

Today after BBC Scotland’s own FoI request reveals that no Scottish health board ‘routinely’ screens for postnatal depression in men and a comment from a Fathers Network Scotland rep, we hear from the Fathers Network Scotland.

Their head of marketing is a former BBC Scotland employee. Both directors have strong connections with BBC Scotland. Their Facebook page has just over 2 000 followers. Size doesn’t matter when you know folk at Pacific Quay.

the condition, we’re told affects around 5 000 men or between 8 and 10% of all new fathers in Scotland every year and can lead even to domestic violence, but the source for this is not given. Is it just the FNS? I can find no official data.


11 thoughts on “The drip of health anxieties brought to you daily

  1. One man’s drip feed is another man’s Chinese Water Torture…

    SG must be inundated by FOI requests from the usual suspects, information is what it was designed to provide, not fishing expeditions by propagandists for something to exploit.

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    1. Freedom of Information is a good thing, but can be misused. A personal example was a man who made repeated FOI requests on fairly trivial matters not because he wanted the information but because, as he had indicated, he wanted to waste my time because I had refused to do something which he had demanded.

      What we have with much of the media and with opposition political parties is a version of ‘data mining’ – they have an agenda and want information to support that agenda. They do this either by framing their request in such a way that it elicits the selective information or, more usually, they select the data they want and present it without context.

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  2. and absolutely no context – is any other country screening new dads? how would screening work? Having just spent time explaining to a student that anything that puts stress on a family (new baby, poverty, unemployment etc) can contribute to the risk of harm or abuse from either parent, health professionals are hopefully aware of what to look out for, may share literature or links to helpful organisations for some. New baby info handed out does look at the role and feelings of both parents.

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  3. Slightly off topic I see the Herald and Telegraph are still running with the ‘Pensions in an Indy Scotland’ story just confirming what Blackford had said at the outset but was misquoted to create the same effect in people’s minds. There is Dumb, Dumber and Herald/Telegraph readers.

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    1. Scotland pays the (UK) pension and benefits. It comes from revenues and taxes raised in Scotland. Average. £15Billion. £6Billion (UK) pension payout.

      Ian Blackford should know that.

      Scotland raises £66Billion+ in taxes and revenues. If the (UK) pensions were raised they would be less need for additional benefits. It would save administration monies. The UK Pension is a joke. 1/4 of average incomes. A disgrace.

      An Independent Scotland could pay higher Gov pension. Not Westminster wasting and mismanaging Scottish resources and revenues. Scotland pays less pro rata. (£6Billion). The rest of the UK 72Billion. Scotland has a more elderly population and people in Scotland die a year sooner on average. Historical lack of revenues being illegally and secretly taken to fund London S/E.

      Scotland could be like Norway and raise £80Billion a year. Independence would be more equal, prosperous and fair. A more equal cohesive society like other small prosperous countries, The most wealthiest in the world. NZ, Norway, Denmark, Saudi, Singapore etc. A better economy.


  4. Never mind, L.B.J is spending £12m of oor money on “educating” Scottish schoolchildren on the benefits of the House of Saxe-Coburg-Botha. Or more accurately, the head of this corrupt, dysfunctional family, who lord it over the rest of us, with us paying handsomely for the supposed privilege.

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  5. So this is the big BBC Scotland reveal today: ‘.. no Scottish health board ‘routinely’ screens for postnatal depression’ for men!

    I don’t doubt, and don’t wish to deny or downplay, the difficulties some individuals may have with this form of depression. My problem is with BBC Scotland’s context- and perspective-free, daily negativity about Scotland’s health services. Given its form of reporting, I become better informed NOT from reading/listening/viewing BBC output but from being activated by it to explore other sources.

    But I might have a much bigger story for BBC Scotland based on the following link to a UK Government website featuring information from the UK National Screening Committee (UK NSC):


    ‘Screening for postnatal depression in new mothers is not recommended. This is because:
    * there is no accurate screening test
    * it is not known if screening and treatment would improve health outcomes for mothers or babies.’

    And a British Medical Journal article on best practice states: ‘In the UK, routine screening for postnatal depression is not currently recommended.’

    ‘However, the UK National Institute for Health and Care Excellence recommends that healthcare professionals (including midwives, obstetricians, health visitors, and general practitioners) should consider asking two questions to identify possible depression, at the woman’s first contact with primary care, at her booking visit (usually around week 10 of pregnancy), and postnatally (first year after childbirth).’

    So ‘consider’ asking two questions of a women at week 10 of pregnancy – does this amount to routine screening and formal monitoring? If Health Boards in Scotland are failing men what’s the UK National Screening Committee and NHS organisations across the UK thinking of in not recommending routine screening for women?

    Of course BBC Scotland might tell us next why (just) Scotland’s health boards are failing women in this regard so very badly!

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  6. Post natal depression in women certainly mostly I would think, is a result of hormonal imbalance, but also circumstances. In men it would be circumstances.
    When people have babies they are rarely prepared for the absolute life changing
    event. I remember years ago a friend of a friend said, when pregnant, ‘it won’t change our lives in any way’. Yikes! I wonder who they got on…

    As for the FOI by the BritNats, as we all know it’s to deliberately disrupt and waste time of the Scottish government and whoever has the job of answering these faux calls not for altruistic reasons or out of genuine concern either.

    FOI is crucial to ensure accountability, but can it be regulated in some way, I know probably not. Can nothing be done to stop timewasters though, it also costs the public purse no doubt…an abuse of an otherwise very good and crucial system, for political motives is actually nigh on criminal imo. A bit like calling 999 as a hoax in a way, an utter disgrace.

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  7. Women who co habit, the majority do not have equal rights with other women. They have to put in a claim within a year and fight through Court for their rights (1/3). It can cost £thousands. There is little legal aid. They can lose their house their home. Women and children are subject to abuse because they do not have equal rights with others.

    The Scottish Gov should change the Law. They do nothing but wring their hands and, with false, complain. Do something about it. To end abuse.

    In England the Law has been changed so women can get legal aid without losing their house, their home. Legal aid often has to be paid back in any case and always has been. The Police are misogynist. They often aid the abuser, even with proof.

    The Domestic Abuse Act cannot be dropped. The Police charge the victim. N. Sturgeon sister was charged it was dropped. Friends in high places. It is not dropped for other women victims. There are too many women in prison who should not be there. Including many victims, They need help not punishment, Proper total abstinence drug rehab. Many suffer from trauma and PTSD.


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