Cautious approach to face coverings keeps Scotland at lowest infection level

Nicola Sturgeon announces face masks to be mandatory in Scots shops next  week - Daily Record
Image: Daily Record

Once more the ONS data for week-ending 5th February 2022 has Scotland at the lowest infection level, with Wales, of 1 in 25.

The level in England was 1 in 19 and, in Northern Ireland, was 1 in 13.

Hospitalisation fell again to 934 with only 21 in ICU, the lowest levels since December 31st 2021.

6 thoughts on “Cautious approach to face coverings keeps Scotland at lowest infection level

    1. Alex, a friend of ours who is immune compromised (kidney transplant, strobe – fully recovered) has had his second booster and has been told that should it be necessary, he will get antibody treatment. It was implied that the threshold for such treatment in the cases of people like he is relatively low.


    1. They have evusheld in France and Italy too since December. If scot gov could get us some I would feel less jaundiced about continued relaxations.
      This treatment although now available in Europe has received scant attention in our msm!


  1. OT – I see both the BBC’s Scotland and Politics web-pages promoting the same “Scottish cost-of-living help to be announced”, simply with different main page pictures, another unattributed piece glossing over the UK’s duplicity over funding to place SG in the frame for the financial strains which will inevitably come in April.
    What exposes it as a Scotland Office production, is mention of the 200 pound enforced “energy subsidy”/loan, with no mention of its duplicity and dubious legality, as has been condemned by multiple experts.

    These recent shenanigans by the Treasury are clearly intended to strain SG’s finances ahead of the Referendum, presumably the start of yet another propaganda assault.


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