Opposition and BBC silent as NHS England tumbles into shocking delays crisis

Regulars will have seen my regular alerts contrasting NHS Scotland A&E performance on the 4 hours target with that of NHS England but the above report drew my attention to something even worse:

The sickest patients are facing long waits for a bed when they are admitted to hospital in England, NHS data shows.

A third of the A&E patients – 122,000 in total – who were ill enough to need treatment on a ward waited over four hours in January – a record high.

Some 16,500 of them waited over 12 hours – many either stuck on trolleys in corridors or in A&E bays because wards were full.


Concentrating on the 4 hour target, I’ve ignored what the ‘over four hours’ and ‘over 12 hours’ data tell us.

So, one third or 33% in England wait more than 4 hours. In Scotland in December 2021, it was only 6.9%, a huge variation.

‘One in 20’, 5%, wait more than 12 hours, in England. In Scotland it’s 1.6%.

These are sharp differences in performance yet UK MSM and the Labour Party have nothing to say.


9 thoughts on “Opposition and BBC silent as NHS England tumbles into shocking delays crisis

  1. The lack of scrutiny /outcry down south on the appalling state of the English Health Service just shows the fine job done by Lisa Summers , Jacqui Baillie et al in their constant highlighting of the great work of the Scottish NHS .
    They are to be commended for their diligence in the thankless task they perform , daily , in showcasing the good work of our nurses , doctors , Care Staff etc…

    Or have I misread their motives ?

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  2. I heard one pundit claim NHS England, to improve, had to be more like private medicine.
    And here was me, thinking privatization was what had got them to where they are—with “profits” stealing money away from patient care.

    “Market Testing” was started by the Labour party, to bring in the private sector—though you would never know if Jackie Ballie and the BBC had their way.

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  3. Isn’t it worse than written here. England counts the 4 and 12 hours differently from us. They do this to hide the truth which is worse than stated here.
    As an example in Scotland the 4 hours starts when you let A&E staff know you are there. In England the 4 hour block starts when you are called to be treated and assessed. You could have waited hours before then. It’s a confidence trick.

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  4. O/T.
    “Lightweight PM” Sir John Major, appears today, to be a more substantial figure than the corrupt huckster, Boris Johnson, or the wooden Sir Keir Starmer.

    Scotory MSP’s have embarrassed themselves by complaining about Scotland’s Chief Medical Officer for having the audacity to ask for the
    *health advice* for Boris dropping all safeguards against Covid-19.

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  5. I see Mr Triggle’s article on NHS England and its waiting times performance appears in the BBC News website’s with zero reference to politics – no opposition spokespersons’ comments to be seen!

    But it includes this phrase: ‘Waiting times have worsened in other parts of the UK, with Wales and Northern Ireland data showing even worse performance than England on many measures.’ Don’t you just admire how BBC journalists are so adept at avoiding any positive reference to NHS Scotland!

    When BBC Scotland reported on NHS Scotland’s A&E waiting times performance in mid January, the BBC News website’s article had lengthy quotes from opposition politicians directly attacking the Scottish Government’s health secretary and was opened up to btl comments. (https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-60041062 )

    When the BBC published on 20 January a story about an individual’s extremely long wait for a bed in a Welsh hospital – ‘NHS Wales: ‘I spent four nights in A&E waiting for a bed’ – the article devoted space to explaining what was causing the long waits and how the Welsh government was seeking to resolve matters.

    In terms of comment from opposition politicians this was literally all that appeared: ‘Opposition parties said long term solutions were required’!

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  6. On performance against the 4 hour waiting time target, the comparisons are indeed stark and completely ignored by the corporate media and the BBC. The latter seems only interested when something about NHS Scotland is bad or getting worse, never a bout a positive either in absolute or comparative terms.

    From NHS England: % in 4 hours or less at a Type 1 A&E department (reported monthly):
    January 2022: 62.3%
    December 2021: 61.2%
    November, 2021: 61.9%

    From NHS Scotland : % in 4 hours or less at (Type 1 equivalent) ‘Main’ Site’ A&E departments (reported weekly):

    Since the beginning of November 2021, performance against the 4 hour target has exceeded 70% – above 75% in some weeks – except during two weeks when it was 69.6% and 67.4%.

    The worst of these weeks in Scotland at 67.4% is 5.1 percentage points better than the latest – and best – figure since the beginning of November for NHS England, namely 62.3%.

    So even taking the poorest performance figure for NHS Scotland and the best for NHS England since the beginning of November, Scotland’s A&E services on this metric are 8.2% better overall than the latest and best NHS England performance.

    Of course ‘it’s not a competition’! But might that be because within BBC Scotland’s editorial meetings there is never any contest between the ‘negative’ and the ‘positive’?

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  7. Yep! As has been suspected, the Tories will let NHS England run down, let people die, then suddenly, the cry, “We need the private sector to support the NHS.” Then the cosy contracts will be gleefully handed out. Poor old England.


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