Lack of Scotland’s required cavity fire barriers caused Grenfell inferno so ask Kay Adams:


Kay Adams, Anglophile in every way, asks her listeners to applaud England’s early end to face coverings in the classroom.

Kaye Adams apologises after Caledonian Sleeper rant where she claimed she  felt like a 'hostage' - Daily Record
Image Daily Record

She should do a retrospective or two? How about, like the Grenfell one above, this:

Homeless rate in Scotland about half that of England



Due to late rollout of vaccine, deaths far higher in England’s care homes



Fewer homes flooded in Scotland due to more stringent building standards



Stillbirth rate in England and Wales 55% higher than in Scotland


Evidence for all claims at


4 thoughts on “Lack of Scotland’s required cavity fire barriers caused Grenfell inferno so ask Kay Adams:

  1. Shouldn’t Kaye follow Dr Johnson’s advice and take the road to England ?
    She would appear to be happier under their rule ( which means NOT following the rules ! ).

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  2. Kaye Adams simply follows orders from on high, stir up public discontent over SG strategy and policy – BBC in Scotland have been on this England v Scotland propaganda assault on TV and Radio all week, their HYS on articles littered with the dial-a-mob keyboard warriors ripping SG to shreds.
    Even Triggle’s “Brave or Stupid” BBC UK article accepts nobody actually knows what the outcome will be, yet not a cheep on it from the BBC in Scotland.

    The “Omicron is mild” line has been circulating context free, when Sridhar provides context that Omicron is NOT “benign”, pelters landed from the malevolent agitators, but not the media.

    Despite some grumbles, I believe Scots will continue to support SG’s more cautious strategy as guided by experts, they’ve heard too much “following the science” sloganeering from the south and have seen the resultant damage.

    As for the BBC in Scotland, only the Weather Forecast is trusted now.

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  3. Supporting the London media coverage. Loose Women contributor. Paid by London Media. Out of touch. Educated privately. Politics and economics degree. Labour Mafia. 58. 5ft 10. Seen in Queens Street station, heavy make up. Mining ancestry. Millionaire.


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