Waiting lists can only be blamed on SNP

In Scotland, the BBC allege a waiting times crisis based only on allegations by opposition politicians and ‘GPs’ and blame it on a ‘failure to plan’ by the SNP Government.

In England a waiting times crisis is happily admitted by the Health Secretary, Savid Javid, and he even warns it will get worse. In the BBC report and in the Telegraph, no suggestion of government failure is offered until, hidden at the very end of the BBC Health report (not headlined), the Shadow Health Secretary accuses the UK Government of ‘mismanagement.’

BBC 1 News at 6 outlines the plans just announced to fund improvements and expansions, does allow the Shadow Minister a line or two to complain but, critically, reports from the perspective of the Government, praises it ‘re-energising’ and its plans to cut waiting lists before reminding viewers that ‘all the UK nations have seen rising waiting lists.‘ BBC Scotland avoids any such excuse for the SNP Government.

5 thoughts on “Waiting lists can only be blamed on SNP

  1. The BBC in Scotland have been in chorus with Labour and Tory attack lines over Scotland’s NHS for a long time – Most notably absent from England, Wales or NI coverage is blaming government or personalising Ministers responsible, the treatment of Jeanne Freeman a particularly nasty example.

    There are the occasional exceptions, such as today in prime spot on the Scotland web-page “Top oncologist says Tayside cancer crisis was ‘avoidable tragedy'” – An unattributed piece with “Analysis by Lisa Summers”, absent the usual political slant, not even a rentaquote from Disaster Gulhane or Tsunami Baillie…
    Perhaps generated to crowd something else out, or bolster the failed “Covid in Scotland: ‘Lack of planning’ put NHS in crisis” pastiche from Baillie and Gulhane ?

    Hard to believe the BBC in Scotland will ever manage to rebuild trust…

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  2. It’s full on anti SNP from the BritNats at propaganda quay. Drip drip drip, they have started their negative campaigning for the elections in May, not that it ever stopped.
    The English government will make sure to reverse anything good that the SNP government have done for Scotland to repair decades, in fact centuries of BritNat damage to Scotland, soon as they can. What the English government don’t destroy, they will claim credit for.
    The jobsworths at Holyrood working against Scotland, should hang their heads in shame. They are clearly devoid of any morals and it makes you wonder how far they’d go for self gain. Their ‘Scottish’ pals at Westminster are the same, how these people sleep at night I really don’t know.

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  3. One has to consider the case that there MAY be an agreed ( secret ) agenda by the ‘Scottish’ opposition parties and the BBC and The Herald ( among others ) to present SNPBaaad stories to show that Scottish Government is failing .

    The attack dogs Baillie , Gulhane , Summers , Mark Smith , et al are so coordinated that they make a formation dancing team look ill-prepared . They are so well-drilled that their comments could have been written by the same script-writer and their delivery practised for hours in front of the mirror .
    Pity , however , that the messengers are so transparently self-serving political hacks who would turn up at the opening of an envelope if it got them some media attention .

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  4. Anyone who needs to be see gets seen right away. Many on the lists are being seen earlier because of Covid Many people are refusing non urgent treatment or appointments. They are deciding to wait rather than go to hospital because of Covid. Some people are being advised to wait longer. If they catch Covid in hospital, or elsewhere, they could be seriously ill or die. Waiting keeps them alive, Especially if there are underlying conditions.


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