Lisa Summers: Cold-blooded and hypocritical

BBC Scotland has the nerve now to criticise NHS Tayside for not protecting its oncology staff from the brutal lies its health correspondent, Lisa Summers, fabricated to undermine the confidence and status of those same staff.

As reported here, the breast cancer treatment team, after experimenting with reduced chemotherapy doses to ease appalling side-effects, was shown to have, regardless, a below average mortality rate, was supported by a St Andrews University professor’s evidence and then completely cleared of any suggestion that the lower doses led to additional deaths in an official report. The above BBC Scotland report acknowledges some of this briefly but, sickeningly, Summers is allowed to repeat the suggestion that initially ‘the finger was pointed at the breast cancer oncologists.’

Whose finger was that? Hers?

On April 1 2019, Summers said on Reporting Scotland, of the first news that reduced doses were being tried:

‘The report today pointed to the possibility of a dysfunctional department. ‘Detectives’ spoke of pharmacy and nursing staff who said they had concerns about the change of procedures, but they felt they were not being listened to and that their position was one above.’

Only Reporting Scotland use the word ‘dysfunctional’. The BBC website and all the newspapers I looked at (8) did not use the term either.

Summers led the demonising of the Tayside oncology staff for base journalistic gains. Single-handedly undermining their reputations and beginning the staff departures which now result in closure, she has the nerve to blame the board for not supporting the staff against her lies.

Finally, look a that headline. A ‘tragedy’ where none die avoidably?


5 thoughts on “Lisa Summers: Cold-blooded and hypocritical

  1. The hypocrisy and subsequent unhappiness it caused aside, the use of the word ‘tragedy’ in the headline is the continuation of the cynical and unfounded attack by BBC Scotland on the oncology staff, the Health board and, of course the Scottish Government.

    This is further evidence that BBC Scotland News and Current Affairs is a propaganda ‘dirty tricks’ organisation.

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  2. Your last paragraph there John is obviously the result the BritNats wanted and will be delighted about. They want to see health services wrecked in Scotland, they want to see people suffer and die, but then we all know that. It’s political and it’s sickening.
    The ultimate agenda is to demonise the SNP enough to lose votes in May, and to demoralise enough people so that they accept the selling off of Scotland’s NHS at the hands of the English government.
    The UK is a disaster Tory and red Tory capitalist cesspit, Scotland has a lifeboat, we’d better use it before it’s too late.

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    1. Let’s hope that the majority of Scots weigh up the possibilities sensibly and see that their only choice is between a ‘dysfunctional’ Westminster and a government of their own choosing. It’s really just that simple.

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  3. BBC Scotland fulfils its role as a branch office of the State Broadcaster, it’s what it is paid and instructed to do.

    In BBC Scotland’s view, if it lies, misleads or denigrates Scotland, its people, its institutions, its government to order to uphold the Westminster vision of a greater UK, then that it was it is for.

    However, I dare say there are still some who believe or pay for it, maybe a few less in the months to come, as folk start to rein in their spending on non essentials or indeed fiction.

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  4. The wonderful SNHS and all the Press do is criticise. The BBC/Press is a complete and utter disgrace. The complete abs utter lies. £5Billion budget from taxpayers. It would be better spend on the NHS saving people’s lives.

    Just wait till the gutter journalists need it. Total hypocrites. Slagging off the wonderful NHS. They should hang their heads in shame. Everyone who uses it knows how good it can be. Better than a bunch of lying BBC sub reporters any day.


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