NHS? There is only a crisis in BBC journalism


As NHS England sinks silently into despair, unremarked upon by whoever Labour UK’s shadow health minister is or by BBC UK, BBC Scotland allows a part-time GP and Tory MSP, with whatever Jackie Baillie is, to allege a crisis in NHS Scotland.

There is no evidence.

NHS Scotland’s A&E services continue to massively outperform those in the rest of the UK.

Staffing in terms of nurses is 50% higher and, in terms of consultants and GPs, significantly higher than in England.

Sandesh Gulhane’s ridiculous claim that we were slow to relax restrictions flies in the face of the clear evidence of our significantly lower death rate, infection rate, hospitalisation rate and ICU rate. Many lives have been saved here and many more have been avoidably lost in Tory England.

With regard to the fake assertion that waiting lists are not being shortened, operations cancelled due to resource limitations are now as low (<2%) as any large-scale institution has ever managed.

Finally, as for the ‘unprecedented‘ staff absences claimed in the opening sentences, there are currently 1 786 nurses absent, down from 3 570, three weeks ago, and 4 005 in April. As for doctors, there are 110 off currently, down from 361 in April. Unprecedented?

Note: I haven’t put the sources in. Too busy but then, BBC never do either. All easily found.


7 thoughts on “NHS? There is only a crisis in BBC journalism

  1. BBC Putrid.

    “On the air, lies to spare,
    Red/Blue Tory fearmongers
    Britnat hucksters everywhere,
    “Emperors” falsehoods all laid bare.
    Not for too much longer.
    All we Scots, those like me,
    Who’ll NEVER trust the BBC.
    Want freedom, so much stronger”.

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  2. “Woolly Mammoth and Rhino remains, Brit Nat principles, and BBC journalistic ethics discovered in ice age cave”.

    “We have never seen anything like it”, says political expert and all-round BEEB stooge, Sir John Curtsy.
    ” We thought principles and ethics were lost forever…..though they might be too old to be useful again”!

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  3. A casual reader might think that the three links in the BBC piece related to the situation on 7/2/22. But they don’t. They’re old news, dated 23/9/21, 18/1/22 and 11/11/21. But how many people clicking into the links will notice the dates? The links should show their dates of origin. But that might clarify things for the reader, and that would never do.

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  4. In the BBC’s article


    “Covid: Tough new targets will tackle NHS backlog, Boris Johnson says”

    You can find out how the NHS in your area is coping this winter

    Entering my postcode reveals for NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde

    A&E waits
    Patients waiting longer than four hours in the week 17 Jan to 23 Jan

    This board
    23% of 5,371 attendances
    (that works out at 1235.33 people)

    Scotland average

    This board two years ago
    18% of 6,724 attendances
    (that works out at 1210.32 people)

    A rise of just 25.01 people waiting for more than 4 hours for that week compared to the same period two years ago.

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  5. Re the link in my last comment.

    While England and Wales do not produce weekly statistics showing A&E attendance, inputting postcodes from the two countries reveals their most recent statistic.

    It shows the average percentage of attendees who waited more than 4 hours in A&E in Conservative controlled England is 27%, and in Labour controlled Wales it 33%.

    Scotland, on 22%, has the fewest number of people waiting more than 4 hours.

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  6. This looks like deflection, especially since Tory plans to tackle the Eight million backlog in NHS England were delayed today. Wonder if the backlog in Scotland is anything like our pro rata proportion of about one million??

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