Mark Smith wickedly stirs the pensions pot

We all know the pensions scare served the No side well in 2014 and that the current attempt to unnerve the older voter could be dangerous, if played Goebbels-style all the way to the next referendum, but it’s still a big lie and the Herald’s Smith knows it.

Look at this:

First, yes, there is no pot but there is politics. Millions across the globe have paid into the UK very basic pension and continue drawing it today. Why are the Scots only at risk?

Second, Blackford did not say ‘Scotland’s pensions would be paid for by a foreign government.‘ Simply put, those who have contributed to the UK pension scheme, through national insurance payments, will get something back. Those who retire some years after independence, will get something from both governments. In time, almost all will get a Scottish not-so-basic pension, like in Ireland.

Remember, this is Mark Smith:

For more Smith garbage:

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15 thoughts on “Mark Smith wickedly stirs the pensions pot

  1. The facts, key word ‘facts’ explain this easily. They simply lie, unfortunately getting a large audience due to the biased media. There are a few good YouTube videos that explain it if you search Scottish pensions a weed out the Unionist myths.

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  2. The perpetuation of this particular lie disgusts me. In any other situation the media would be explaining the truth rather than promoting the lie. #ProjectFear2 has already started and the compliant Unionist press are sharpening their pencils.

    If the UK reneged on pension payments I would like to see what an international court would make of it because it would come to that.

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    1. More importantly The Herald editorial team allows this to be published even though they must know it’s untrue. Don’t get caught up blaming the replaceable monkeys when it’s the organ grinders who are the real culprits.

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  3. It is indeed complete nonsense, my UK pension will continue after Independence because it is a legal obligation as with ALL governments with state pensions.

    However, note the milking of the term “benefit” to imply it is not a right or “entitlement” and somehow dependant on whim – “benefit” is a favourite wheeze of the Tories, despite reality that all payments from government by whatever name are in accordance with strict rules underwritten by Law, viz obligations.

    Clearly they’ve “put the band back together” to reprise their hits of 2014, what’s next, George Roberston’s “a “debilitating divorce” after a “Yes” vote in September’s referendum would threaten the stability of the wider world”…..

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  4. And I note the BBC are promoting “Covid in Scotland: ‘Lack of planning’ has put NHS in crisis” on both web-pages, a Gulhane and Baillie duet of doom, again unattributed to a journalist so presumably a Scotland Office production…

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  5. People like Smith, McKenna, Wilson, Tomkins, Cunning, Taylor—in fact pretty much the dammed whole lot of them—are simply “glove-puppets” for the British Nationalist Project.
    That a so-called “Scottish” newspaper allows mis-leading articles, fake and fraudulent “news” to pollute its pages is both a shame and a disgrace.

    You might dub it “Scotland’s Shame” because ALL news outlets in Scotland are part of this “news management” and manipulation, to impart lies and fear to the population of this small country.

    DISGRACE is too mild a word.

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    1. Not sure there is a ‘race discrimation act’ there is an ‘equality act’ a general hardly fit for purpose imo, was introduced by Gordy Brown far as I know, and which replaced ie, cancelled out things like the ‘disability discrimination act’, DDA, which was a very specfic and effective in protecting peopls’ rights indeed. The human rights act might cover the EngGovs’ pensions lies, but that is being scrapped soon anyway.

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  6. There is no pension pot pensions are paid for by last year’s tax revenues. Scotland pays its own (UK) pensions and benefits from tax revenues raised in Scotland. £15Billion

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  7. Scotland raises £66Billion+ in taxes and revenues. £30Billion Block grant comes back + £15Billion in (UK) pensions and benefits. £6Billion cost of Scotland (UK) pension. Less pro rata than Gov pension spend in the rest of the UK. Topped up by benefits. Gov pensions in Scotland are paid from revenues raised in Scotland. Independence means pensions could be higher. No illegal wars or Trident. Less spent on the military. No spending on repayments on loans not borrowed in Scotland etc, etc.

    The bureaucracy of the pension pay out and supplementary benefits is more than the pension payout. If Gov old age pension was higher it would save public monies and give people dignity. The UK pension the lowest in Europe. 1/4 of the average income. A complete disgrace.

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  8. How can any Scot never mind a well paid one
    Try to frighten elderly Scots
    Just to self serve themselves
    This paper does not deserve any support for rich Scots

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  9. Mark Smith and Tom Gordon for the Herald regurgitate this nonsense as that is what the Herald’s financial backers via the Scotland Office want.

    If they don’t toe the line, they join the unemployed.

    Tom Gordon is an experienced but jaded hack. Mark Smith came from the Labour Hame blog and therefore, I suspect, has rather small expectations.

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