Tory press ignores renewables revolution to back Douglas Ross going clubbing

Doing the Scottish Cons’ work for them, pretending the FM is a barrier to popular demand, the Times, Telegraph, Express and Metro tell the story that fits the Unionist agenda and deliberately ignore a huge piece of news:

With the latest developments in Scotland’s offshore wind industry, our renewables revolution is powering ahead.

Billions will be invested in high quality green jobs and Scotland’s just transition to net zero, as 17 new offshore wind projects got the go-ahead.

The 17 new offshore wind projects, announced as part of the ScotWind auction, have a combined potential capacity to generate up to 25GW (gigawatts) of energy.

For perspective, the current capacity of offshore wind in Scotland is almost 2GW – and another 8.4GW in construction or advanced development.

The total 35GWh would be enough for all of the UK’s roughly 30 000 homes and, of course, far, far more than required for Scotland’s 2.3 million homes. What would we do with the surplus? Sell it to the rUK? I know some Con MPs say England huffily wouldn’t buy our electricity any more. French/Chinese nuclear or Russian gas?

Only the National reports this huge news positively:

The National

The Scotsman reports it but talks it down, as they would:

The Scotsman

BBC Scotland does tell us, of the 17 projects:

They have a combined potential generating capacity of 25GW – well above the expected auction outcome of 10GW.

but prefers to lead on those Cons again:

7 thoughts on “Tory press ignores renewables revolution to back Douglas Ross going clubbing

  1. Ross should do the right thing and resign along with Johnston. The Tories appalling behaviour will be their downfall, Especially in Scotland. It is disgusting. Increasing the death toll unnecessarily. The MSM readership going down. No wonder no one reads it or trusts it.

    The Telegraph, right wing, tax evading Press leading the cheer leading. Criticising Johnston trying to get out of the mess. Ross is criticising his own party to try and save his own skin. Blatant cheating and lying. A total disaster.

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  2. I think it was predictable that this was going to be the orchestrated response of the right wing media.

    They knew that the FM was due to make a statement today and, because she was cautiously optimistic at her last statement and as the figures are falling, it is likely that there will be some easing. The relaxation of the size of crowds at outdoor sporting events was an indicator. The Inhospitability ‘industry’ and the right wingers want to say – as they will – that she was ‘forced’ into it. When the relaxation of the size of crowds at outdoor events, the BBC Scotland Sports reporter framed it as ‘the FM giving into political pressure’.

    On Sunday, we had Fiona (Hello, Douglas! in a cheery voice) Stalker sneeringly dismissed falling numbers of infections with, “I thought we were supposed to be getting a ‘tsunami’. What happened to that?”. Just look at the infections figures in Scotland and elsewhere, Fiona. A ‘tsunami’ is what we got. The numbers in the most recent wave are far higher than any previous wave, but, fortunately, due to a number of factors, Omicron has not proved as severe and so fatalities are smaller. In fact, most epidemiologists and virologists reckon that the actual number is far higher than those recorded, because the symptoms are relatively mild and fairly similar to other winter respiratory infections.

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  3. I noticed Robin McAlpine was critical as were Alba supporters, general theme was Scotland sold down river again.
    However I saw this on another site: BP announcing some positive benefits to NE Scotland

    Following on to yesterdays fantastic announcement of £700 Million from the renewable energy leasing round going direct into Scottish coffers (since the law changed), with an estimated further £25 Billion investment and jobs to come over the next decade or so, BP one of the 17 successful bidders announcement today of new jobs and investment in Scotland…..

    BP: As a result of the successful ScotWind bid, the partners will establish their operational centre in Scotland, and BP will make Aberdeen its global operations and maintenance centre of excellence for offshore wind, creating up to 120 new direct jobs. It is expected to contribute up to £40 million per year to the economy.

    The offshore wind development will include investments in infrastructure, ports, harbours and shipyards, including the construction of four ships to support EnBW and bp’s offshore wind projects across the UK, subject to technical and commercial due diligence. These new-builds will involve an investment of more than £100m and would be expected to support 500 associated jobs.

    It also triggers additional investment in Forth Ports, who are creating Scotland’s largest renewable hub at the Port of Leith, supporting up to 3,000 direct and indirect jobs in the Forth Estuary net zero corridor.

    BP also intends to apply its integrated business model to use the clean power generated offshore to supply and significantly accelerate the expansion of its EV charging network in Scotland, to around 4,000 public chargers, by 2030.

    Wonder if that will be reported by the Anglo-centric papers?

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  4. There could be an investment £800,000 in CCS in the NE but it is being held back by Westminster rules and regulation.

    Westminster reneged on £1Billion for CCS at Longannet, Fife. Scotland is covered in coal. Black gold.

    Westminster reneged on investment in CCS for Peterhead. The Scottish Gov wants to invest but is held back by Westminster poor, bad decisions and management.

    The CCS investment revenues went to projects in the South.

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    1. The Peterhead CCS has been held back, allowing the NE England CCS’s to develop expertise first. There are several scenarios that can flow from this,none to Scotland’s advantage.

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  5. I’d like the new jobs to be offered to people in Scotland first, sounds a bit Scottish jobs for Scottish people, but traditionally, jobs in many industries and also the cultural arena in Scotland, have been awarded to people from England. Sometimes makes you wonder if anyone in Scotland has any qualifications or higher education background in fact!
    Ps, no offense to our English neighbours.

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