Scotland sold down the river again?

The Scotsman

By Robert Martin

I noticed Robin McAlpine was critical as were Alba supporters, general theme was Scotland sold down river again. However I saw this on another site: BP announcing some positive benefits to NE Scotland

Following on to yesterdays fantastic announcement of £700 Million from the renewable energy leasing round going direct into Scottish coffers (since the law changed), with an estimated further £25 Billion investment and jobs to come over the next decade or so, BP one of the 17 successful bidders announcement today of new jobs and investment in Scotland…..

BP: As a result of the successful ScotWind bid, the partners will establish their operational centre in Scotland, and BP will make Aberdeen its global operations and maintenance centre of excellence for offshore wind, creating up to 120 new direct jobs. It is expected to contribute up to £40 million per year to the economy.

The offshore wind development will include investments in infrastructure, ports, harbours and shipyards, including the construction of four ships to support EnBW and bp’s offshore wind projects across the UK, subject to technical and commercial due diligence. These new-builds will involve an investment of more than £100m and would be expected to support 500 associated jobs.

It also triggers additional investment in Forth Ports, who are creating Scotland’s largest renewable hub at the Port of Leith, supporting up to 3,000 direct and indirect jobs in the Forth Estuary net zero corridor.

BP also intends to apply its integrated business model to use the clean power generated offshore to supply and significantly accelerate the expansion of its EV charging network in Scotland, to around 4,000 public chargers, by 2030.

Wonder if that will be reported by the Anglo-centric papers?

15 thoughts on “Scotland sold down the river again?

    1. Scott
      Not too difficult to know why they raring to go
      Because and for the oil companies especially
      1.The game is up for oil,gas & coal
      2.BP & Shell are in a very fortunate position in Scotland, due to having vast
      Management and back up staff up here,
      Along with a excellent supply chain
      All quite simple to adapt to new energy
      Klondyke Thereby muscling their major
      International competitors out
      3.Gas prices only on a upward trajectory
      As New World order of China and Russia overtake The West, Putin already can easily screw down the Gas valves to Europe and send it to China instead
      The US now has very little control over oil and gas markets
      4.The Scottish coast and waters are by far the best place in the World to go big
      On offshore wind which has a huge advantage over Land turbines all due to
      Very few calm windless days off our waters
      5.Scotland has a educated,trained workforce and plenty of deep water developed port facilities, along with truly
      World class off shore engineering capabilities
      6.The Big Capitalist boys are no mugs and
      Know a sure fire bet when it presents itself,and this time for all sorts of reasons
      At least they will remain Neutral during
      Indy Ref 2
      7.Most Importantly the Return in Ivestment for the big boys is extremely fast as all monies invested can be fully paid back within 2 to 4 yrs once full production under way, a very very rare scenario when such large sums of initial
      Investment required before you earn a penny
      Then it is Bonanza time for them as their costs plummet but demand for their reliable green energy goes through the roof
      Buyers form a orderly queue please
      And have your highest buy price ready
      Independence is a matter of absolute urgency and essential as each day passes
      This time the Unionists cannot steal this like they did with the oil or argue that our green resources have no future

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  1. Throughout the ages, people have rightly asked “what would gavinochiltre have done”?
    As soon as “my” party got into power, I would have established an Energy Utility: an overarching company to take an “interest” in our own gas, oil and now renewable assets.
    To borrow funds to bid for oil or gas blocks—to loudly complain when foreign outfits got preference—to make a FUSS about the lack of control Scotland had in its own waters/natural resources.
    As the elected government of Scotland, would have made an ABSOLUTE STINK about it.
    Salmond and Sturgeon have both failed on this.

    We have been ripped off by Tory, then Labour and now Tory governments again and again. It is past time when we fought for the Scottish Interest, and expose the Unionist hucksters and snake-oil salesman for what they are.
    CADS and BOUNDERS—Old Etonian speak! Boris knows!

    Now stuck for electoral traction, the Westmingers latest wheeze, egged on by the Brit Nat “commentariat” is for the ScotTories to pretend they are forming an independent party.
    Could any sane person mistake the party of DRoss and Jack-a-nory as a “Scottish” party?
    Who would stand up for Scotland against London? Hahaha!
    Send for the men in white coats, quick!

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      1. Drew
        Is not ironic that policy on OUR reserves

        Are Reserved
        How many other proud peoples would ever possibly put up with such
        We have been raped before with our now
        Almost depleted oil reserves
        What lady would ever allow or even expose herself to the same rapists ever again
        It is simple as that
        Stand and fight
        Bend Over


  2. In what way is it ironic; your question implies you think it is?

    Energy wasn’t an issue pre Union and we haven’t had much, if any, influence on energy policy before or since devolution. Independence is the only realistic long-term solution, so I don’t see how firing flak at Scogov or the SNP, over a reserved matter, helps achieve it.

    You might want to give more consideration to your choice of language.


    1. Well, yipes, Drew!
      I am a supporter of the SNP/independence, not a member.
      I think they should be a revolutionary force, not part of a New Establishment.
      Why do you think energy is Reserved? To stop us from gaining a foothold on our own resources.
      Establishing a token Utility company is an act of political theatre. To keep people aware of WHAT IS IMPORTANT.
      All we can do until independence is agitate, complain, campaign, insist on proper recognition of SCOTLANDS interests.
      I was/am a huge supporter of Salmond and think Sturgeon is head and shoulders above her opponents. That does not remove them from criticism.

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      1. I’m perfectly well aware of why energy policy is reserved, but reserved it is. So having a dig at lack of action in reserved areas seems pointless, or even counterproductive, to me. There’s more than enough Unionists doing that, without our side piling in.

        How do you think your overarching utility company would’ve fared anyway? Scotgov has very limited, and very recent, borrowing powers, so how would you have gone about securing an interest? You’d have had no acquisition budget and you’d be up against a bunch of cut-throats currently in control of the assets. If you ran into competition law problems, you’d be tied up in knots by even more cut-throats in the shape of lawyers.

        By all means have a go where you see failings; but having a pop over the present energy situation looks like pointless whitabootery to me.

        Far more important is getting the UK’s sticky mitts off our renewables – permanently. Then as matter of urgency, establishing interconnectors to Ireland and Continental Europe to sell directly, bypassing the national grid. Investing in green hydrogen, to utilise excess capacity, should be high priority too.

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  3. Drew
    It is merely a play on the words
    The off shore wind is our reserve
    But Westminster have reserved control
    On the basis of
    Devolution is power reserved
    It is the gift of Westminster that can be undermined no matter what or actually
    Completely neutered
    And being very careful of language
    Westminster reserves the right to RAPE us as they wish of any resources/reserves we have or will ever have
    In todays fiscal values Westminster during colonisation of India
    They raped them of £ 64 Trillion of their
    How because they reserved the powers to Rape India of such.Full Stop
    And that is one of the main reasons India
    Will not do a trade deal with Westminster,along with starving 300 Million Indians to death over 3 major famines,all to enableLondon Merchants to enrich themselves by having the British Army guard under lock and key the food/grain stores,as prices soared
    And for such there never shall ever be a need to reserve the language one deploys
    In calling out such or similar Acts
    ” In order for evil to succeed all that the good have to do or say is NOTHING “


  4. Your wordplay would’ve worked in a discussion about fossil fuels.

    This is a discussion about renewables, which are not finite, there is no ‘reserve’; so the irony was lost on me.


    1. Any source of the earth is not infinite
      Winds can cease to blow
      Seas can become so stormy on a regular basis and render wind farms unworkable
      Rivers can run dry or become torrents
      Rendering hydro schemes useless
      Volcanoes can erupt and omit huge dust clouds that last for yrs and render solar farms useless
      So by default in the event of any such occurrences then all renewable sources indeed are a finite reserve
      Therefore power over such reserves can be reserved


  5. Crown Estate Scotland is a commercial enterprise under Scottish government control -it is a public corporation of the Scottish government. That being so the Scottish government could have made leases conditional on, for example, a sovereign wealth fund contribution; numbers of Scots employed; manufacture in Scotland of materials used.

    Sold short by an inept Scottish government.


    1. Sam
      But do not spook the horses
      MSM would have had a field day with it
      Putins pals
      On and on their nefarious propaganda would tun and run


      1. Well this site is pretty much pure propaganda. It won’t go near gender identity and the erosion of women’s rights. It won’t say anything about the manipulation of the NEC to permit cronyism. It won’t say anything about the lack of preparation for independence or the absurdity of continuing to use sterling post independence. It won’t say anything about the urgent need for independence and that a referendum is unnecessary to achieve independence.


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