Additional needs resources: Scotland leads the way

Currently going the MSM rounds, the above platforms a single partisan activist group’s views to add to the politicisation of Scottish education.

A friend of TuS, Robert Martin, sent us this

One person’s opinion, I know, but that’s usually enough for RS, GMS or Drivetime.

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3 thoughts on “Additional needs resources: Scotland leads the way

    1. I guess if Scotland had control over their own resources the revenues could be used to fund things like special educational needs.
      When the Labour party branch office were at the helm at Holyrood, they preferred to send billions of pounds of Scotland’s money back to Westminster, (who’d taken it from Scotland in the first place) rather than fund special education for children who needed it. Labour said that they couldn’t find anything to spend the money on in Scotland.
      The Scottish government have had two years of health crisis to manage on a very limited budget, crumbs that the English government condescends to send back to Scotland once they’ve taken their cut of Scotland’s massive revenues. I should imagine it’s getting harder to find money to fund essential services with few tax raising powers and no borrowing powers.

      Any shortfall in funding for services in Scotland can be blamed squarely on the English government and that means that the so called union is detrimental to the people of Scotland and the burden on services, has a knock on effect now and into the future.
      Not a good situation especially with England’s Brexit forcing Scotland out of the EU, so no recovery money will be available to Scotland. Not a good scenario during re the pandemic.

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  1. Compared to ten years ago the additional needs commitment is light years ahead. Pupils are diagnosed within the main stream education system. By educational psychologists. There is inclusion so many on the spectrum can take exams, They can gain qualifications and go to college or uni. With additional support. Every adult in Scotland are guaranteed a diagnosis. Many adults are getting a diagnosis because their children are given one,

    Additional support teachers go round schools to help the children with additional needs. To put in place strategies to help. There are assigned class room assistants for those who need support and to support the teaching staff.

    People on the spectrum can have additional talents above average. They can be extremely smart. Especially with the increased support. They can excel. Most things in the world were invented or discovered by people on the spectrum. Including computers and Silicon Valley. Medical science and educational discovery.

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