There’s no way out of the rising bills? Even with 82% of UK gas production?

From Douglas Fraser, BBC Scotland’s Business/economy editor, today:

Prices are already up. Household bills have been capped, and that cap is likely to rise by about 50% from April.

There’s no way out of the rising bills. Ofgem, the regulator, is obliged by law to pass on the costs of sourcing energy.

Not, of course, mentioned by Fraser but surely staring us all in the face:

Statistics announced today by Scotland’s Chief Statistician show that oil and gas production in Scotland, including Scottish adjacent waters, is estimated to have been 77.2 million tonnes of oil equivalent (mtoe). This was an increase of 0.4% compared to 2018, and accounted for 82 per cent of total UK production.

Just over 8% of the population, 82% of the gas production.

Just how much do we consume. I can’t find that but, even though a colder climate might mean a bigger than 8% share, it’s not going to be much more.

How much could we earn?

The approximate sales value of oil and gas produced in Scotland is estimated to have been £22.5 billion in 2019. This has fallen by 11.5% compared to 2018 due to a reduction in oil and gas prices. 

£22.5 billion? In 2022? Going up just a few billion I guess.

13 thoughts on “There’s no way out of the rising bills? Even with 82% of UK gas production?

  1. The problem remains that the energy industry is run by the Tories beloved private companies and it’s all about returns for shareholders. The question that might legitimately be asked is what exactly is Ofgem’s purpose?

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  2. Apart from probably being self sufficient in energy,Scotland as an independent state would be putting quite a bit in it’s piggy bank generated from exports to England etc.
    This,of course,does not fit with the “Scotland dependent on England” narrative so beloved by the Westminsterites,which is why it will never be publicised.
    Keeping our energy resource to ourselves is what Gordon Brown used to call “selfish”.
    Well,call me selfish if you like,but I am not seeing any benefit to Scotland from the present constitutional arrangements.
    Quite the opposite.

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  3. Blatant robbery from Westminster. Despite being in surplus and nearer the source Scotland pays more for fuel and energy. A tax on the whole economy because of Westminster blatant mismanagement.

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    1. It’s not ‘mismanagement’ though they know exactly what they are doing, they are thieves and really having a massive laugh at Scotland. You can just hear the Tories when supping their publicly paid for pints of Champers, ha ha ha and we have free access to their energy and they pay US for it lol lol lol! It’s why powers like energy and oil and gas were NOT devolved to Scotland.

      I saw a couple of days ago, the huge horrible orange glow over in Fife, while walking through Edinburgh, from I think it would be Mossmoran, excess gas(?) being burned off…when the weather is warmer than usual in winter. Sometimes you can smell it in Edinburgh especially in summer, so how dreadful for those must it be to live right next to it. If you search online, you see organisations like the Friends of the Earth demanding the Scottish gov stop this hugely polluting practice! Far as I know, the Scottish government can do nothing whatsoever to stop these huge tax avoiding profiteer companies from burning off all sorts of toxic gases etc in Scotland, it’s an utter disgrace and another assault on Scotland and Scotland’s health, well being and our environment.

      If anyone knows whether the ScotGov do have any powers re this horrific practice I’d like to know…

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  4. In middle England due to inflation and falling wealth the Tories are about to become toast electorally
    As all their voters are only and only concerned about money
    And driven solely by ” I am OK Jack and to hell with any who are not ”
    After 40 yrs of market dominated neo liberal capitalism all their chickens are coming home to roost

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  5. I expect built into the GERS figures, will be an estimate for the COST of extraction and removing the dirty stuff from Scotland.
    Just to show us how kindly we are treated by our colonial masters.
    Johnson and Starmer, two master debaters!

    Oil? Gas?
    Just a burden for pair wee Scotland.

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    1. It’s enough to break your heart it really is and every single Tory in Scotland goes along with this blatant robbery of Scotland’s wealth. Make no mistake the BritNats in London and their lackeys in Scotland, are taking the rip out of Scotland and have done so for decades if not centuires. That has to stop and sooner rather than later.

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  6. O/T.
    Looks like the BBC is heading for a subscription model, if Nadine Dorries has her way to abolish the licence fee.
    That would place BBC Scotland on the slippery road to oblivion.
    Wonder how their “journalists” feel about that.
    There will be no jobs in the BEEB or anywhere else, for them!

    Dorries said of people who work for the BBC:-
    “They all had a similar background”.
    “They all had a certain political bias”.
    “They all talked and thought the same”.

    Doesn’t that sound exactly like her Tory party?

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    1. I watched Gordon Ross talk about that other day, but he also mentioned that the BBC wil be part funded via the tax system…subscriptions would not be enough, with out ads anyway? I would not be surprsied if that is the case, we are all taxed for their state controlled propaganda, but subscribe for a few £’s a month to actually be fed the lies straight into your living room.

      Btw did they scrap the free BBC license for the elderly? If so why are they not up in arms about that…Scotland will be well rid of the BBC after independence.

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  7. “There’s no way out of the rising bills” is a flat out lie and Fraser knows it.

    Costs to produce electricity and gas are static, there was NO sudden increase other than in the wholesale market rate the Tories (and others) had championed.
    In short, HMG could solve this tomorrow by decoupling the UK for internal pricing and set a UK wide tariff, but that would destroy the false market (Ovo etc) they created purportedly giing value to the customer.
    The Brexiteers wanted “sovereignty” back, now they have it they are not exercising it. IIRC correctly England imported 20% of it’s power from Europe at the “market rate”, the rest of the UK are paying for it in spades. Just do the maths.

    I happened today to be reviewing my energy data today for other reasons, but have my current electricity in front of me so can draw a swift comparison from a Romanian perspective. It’s in Lei or RON, the “intervention” is by the Romanian government, but the comparison holds true on %ages – All include VAT.

    One year ago a kWh of electrical power was 0.60, now it’s 0.98 before government interventions, with interventions it’s 0.70.
    I don’t have the gas bill to hand to provide the pre-intervention value, but one year ago a m3 of gas was 1.711, now it’s 2.215.

    So to round up, Electricity based on last years prices, +63% pre intervention, +17% post intervention.
    Gas based on last year’s prices +30% post intervention.

    PS – My gas consumption is now below 40% and electricity exactly 40% of 2016 levels, so my bills are still falling. Go figure… 🙂

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    1. By way of postscript, just pulled the file to get the pre-intervention value here for gas which was 2.975.
      So gas is +73% pre intervention, +30% post intervention.

      PPS – An independent Scotland would continue to export BOTH.

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  8. More on energy-related matters: landmark occasion tomorrow (I understand) with the announcement of the Scotwind license awards for wind energy generation offshore Scotland.

    It is so very, very important for the future of all Scotland’s people that this huge new opportunity is taken in a way that optimises short, medium and long term value retention within Scotland’s economy.

    When one looks at the present status of the Scottish Government and Scottish Parliament’s agency over relevant matters, one can’t help but be concerned about missing out. Time for change, time to dissolve the Union, time for self-determination.

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