Sometimes respected academic agrees with Nadine Dorries

The whole idea of a public service broadcaster only works in a theoretical world where you can trust professionals to act on your behalf, unafraid and not chummy with politicians.

BBC Scotland’s naked bias against the independence movement is the most recent and sharpest of justifications for binning the whole venture but they have a long history of ideological distortions, going back to their founding.

Today, they promote the Game of Thrones UK monarchy uncritically and ignore the brutality of our trading partners, Saudi Arabia.

In the early 21st Century they championed NATO military adventures, killing millions in the Arab world, based on dodgy evidence.

In the 70s and 80s, they totally misrepresented working-class politics and demonised union leaders on behalf of the political right and the business community.

For decades they have confused their viewers over the nature of the conflict in Palestine, to the extent that Glasgow University researchers found that most thought the Palestinians were recently arrived, troublesome immigrants, the exact opposite of the truth.

As for David Attenborough, much of his stuff, until recently was no more than an excuse to show off new cameras with the same old titillating narratives around whether or not the scary predator will kill the wee creature – animal death porn.

More recently, his different coloured planet stuff is essentially uncritical global warming campaign material. I’m not by any means saying it’s all wrong. The evidence so far is real and worrying but the predictions for the future are being made by human beings under heavy peer pressure to conform, wary of deviant thinking. There’s a serious lack of balance and a heavy sense of evangelical, faith-based, thinking.

I’m all for 100% socialised health-care, poverty-reduction, energy supply and communications infrastructure but I’d prefer to choose and buy ideas myself. I trust Amazon’s ‘people who bought that bought this‘ tips more than BBC Scotland.

9 thoughts on “Sometimes respected academic agrees with Nadine Dorries

  1. Indeed well said. If you look at the history of ‘news’ and reporting it’s always been used as a propaganda tool, serving the rich and powerful. When grwoing up in the 70’s we’d all sit down of a Saturday night to watch the inane populist blankety blank English nationalist rubbish from the BBC. There was nothing else to do in those days. The powerful don’t like ‘social media’ and by that they mean blogs like this, because it opens up ideas and facts for people, it gives people an alternative to the rubbish piped into living rooms from the BBC and other propaganda machines. Dorries, another inept Tory, elevated to a position of power way above her capabilities, is intending to keep tabs on those who use ‘social media’, while taxing every one of us to fund their BBC!

    Brexit is opening up a whole new level of ‘control’ for the BritNat state and it’s terrifying.

    As for the BBC, people cannot be locked up for debt in Scotland, they cannot be threatened with that by the BBC. The bailiffs would not be turning up to remove peoples’ possessions either, this is fear mongering, and also a lie. All the BBC can do in Scotland is ask nicely for some money from those who are terrified of them even if they never watch their programmes, if they don’t pay but do choose to watch BBC they can be fined, if they don’t pay the fine, then they can be locked up. In Scotland a person can be locked up for non payment of fines, but not for debt, unlike in England under English law.

    The English Govs’ tactic is clearly to manipulate people into believing that their right to freedom of speech and expression is safe, and that the BBC is no longer forced on them, when in fact like it or not they are going to be paying for it via the tax system! Experts at conning the people, the Tories that Scotland did not vote for. Scary times.

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  2. Yet you notice Dorries’s public pitch of “the elderly being threatened with prison sentences and bailiffs knocking on doors”- It ignores-
    A – this is an England only problem
    B – 99% of enforcements are not elderly
    C – It is the Tories who created the modern private contractors to replace the TV licence inspectorate, the regulations under which they may operate as elastic as their legality because it is profit driven.

    Dorries is still trying to prove her worth to the Tory glitterati at precisely the point the sheen has worn off and they’re trying to duck incoming flak.
    It will not end well….. The BBC will have enough evidence to hang every single one of the eminently thick Nadine…

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  3. As far as I know,the TV license relates to the BBC operational budget in the same way that the Vehicle License Tax does to road maintenance.
    It all goes into the London treasury black hole from which all public spending budgets are then determined.
    Much though I support the idea of a public service broadcaster,the BBC in Scotland
    are not.
    Clearly their primary function is to support the British state which means opposing those of us who want to see Scottish statehood reinstated.
    We might as well have French or German TV for all the relevance it would serve and some of us might then benefit from learning a language other than English.

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  4. The BBC costs £5Billion. Much is spent on the land estate. Offices and premises. Some programmes are sold worldwide. ‘Line of Duty was watched millions of time. The highest series ever streamed. There are constant repeats.

    Many people pay to stream other services. Or access the internet.

    Scotland could make many good programmes. Stream them too. A 40million disporia, and worldwide audience. Outlander and other programmes bring many tourists to Scotland. Books and films etc sold worldwide.


  5. This is a really interesting perspective. Do you have any further reading on this?

    I’d like to hear more about the BBC’s campaign against Labour Unions, Scottish Independence Palestine and pro-Saudi Arabia and NATO.

    It would be good to have some good sources to cite.

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