Covid figures are better together for Conservative England

You won’t find the data for Wales, Scotland or NI in this extended report with analysis by Nick Triggle, because:

Yes, the stricter pandemic measure in the three non-English parts, seem to be working better and, sssh, Scotland is doing best.

The above won’t be reported because they prefer this kind of thing from July 2021:

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3 thoughts on “Covid figures are better together for Conservative England

  1. Yup, we are all “British” unless their stats can be “Marred” to discredit the Scottish government.
    I done know if any Scottish institutions have media studies as part of the curriculum, but there was a sea-change in reporting when Boris was getting hugely out-polled by Sturgeon.
    The BBC and all the rest, changed their style to attempt to play down success outside London, and play up Boris (on the news every hour throughout most days) when he was giving interviews–no question asked.

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    1. That’s good. Also it seems that deaths, though not one death is acceptable, are lower in Scotland. Scotland has more people boosted than rUK, and I have seen many articles from health experts and scientists who are adamant that the booster is crucial to holding back the severity of the Omicron variant.

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