0% of Sunday Mail stories use percentages because they are too calming

sunday mail

We’ve been here before, no bleedin’ percentages, just some zeros to get you worried and then Jackie ‘Trident’ Baillie’s face to send you into deepest despair.

To be fair, it’s not just the SM, hardly any journalist will ever use a percentage because they are death to the dramatic headline. You need zeros, lots of them!

So, 150 care workers, every day? Yes, but that’s mostly the same 150, off for 7 days and it’s only 6.1% in week-ending 11 January, down from 9.1% the previous week.

7 000 NHS staff? Out of 160 000 so that’s 4.3% and, as above, mostly the same 7 000 off for 7 days.

2 600 police and fire staff absences? Again the same people mostly doing 7 days isolation so really less than 400 staff off, from 22 000 police staff and 8 000 – peanuts%.

Scotrail, over 5 000 staff and 300 off to isolate? Do that one yourself.

And, infection levels currently in freefall, from 296 per 100K, 10 days ago, to 138 yesterday, the lowest in the UK.

And hospital admissions down for the last two days, from a peak, only 75% of the February peak, with ICU cases only a third.

Pressure, I agree? but ‘breaking point?’ Calm down, dear reader.

Sunday Mail, stop putting folk off calling for help! You’ll kill somebody.


6 thoughts on “0% of Sunday Mail stories use percentages because they are too calming

  1. Aye it’s ludicrous, but is very much in keeping with the same strategy which generated your “BBC Scotland’s numeracy..” debunk and a hundred Baillie “tsunami” and Gulhane “disaster” stories before it, so no surprise “Tsunami” Baillie is behind this particular headline…

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  2. Matmeticians debate if zero is actually a number
    Best argument is
    It probably is
    Hinduism was the 1st to play around with,but left it to wither, until Islamic scholars came along and immediately saw its massive potential
    Computing is impossible to have without
    Use of zero
    Further more it quite simply explains infinity
    How if you ever run out of a number to count
    Simply just add a Zero and off you go again with your abacus
    Zero can also be issued in the opposite direction as clearly demonstrated by using 10 to the power Minus all the way back infinitely
    And that is exactly why propagandists only use it and when such is very much of a advantage to their nefarious and spurious scribblings

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  3. Far right wing daily rags, enemies of Scotland, they are waging a pyschological war against the people of Scotland. Before the internet they could fully deploy their ‘Scotland is sh*te’ with no questions asked.

    Now Scotland can see these scheming liars for what they are and their tree killing planet wrecking fake ‘news’ papers are mostly left on the shop shelves at the end of the day. Their days are numbered thankfully.,


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