Cheer as new cases hit record lowest since Christmas Eve

Noting delays in processing test results, the very low figure in the last 24 hours in the context of a clear trend, of a sixth day falling from the peak on the 3rd January, is encouraging:

It’s clearly a bit too soon to be trumpeting today’s figure as the lowest in more than 2 weeks but I’m just following Herald and BBC editorial guidelines for what may be extreme data, as in:

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4 thoughts on “Cheer as new cases hit record lowest since Christmas Eve

  1. Great news.
    The restrictions that DRossie and his pals were against worked.

    See how well Boris and Co do?
    But then that will be UK figures, wont it?

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  2. Early days as you said John but at least it is encouraging, not that this will dissuade Baillie or Gulhane from pronouncing failure, tsunami or disaster courtesy of Pacific Quay.

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  3. This BBC Scotland article says there were 1,382 Covid patients in hospital on Saturday.

    On Saturday they reported there were 1362 Covid patients in hospital on Friday.

    The tiny, but welcome increase of just 20 received no comment.

    The only figure for Saturday the BBC selected to compare with Friday were those in intensive care.

    On Saturday there were 55 compared with 48 on Friday.

    I also notice the BBC pushing the 5 day isolation that America has.

    I recall seeing Jason Leitch saying the Americans start counting from a different day to the UK. However, this crucial bit of info is always omitted whenever the BBC bring up the item.

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  4. A study from Japan has shown that Omicrom viral load peaks 3-6 days after symptoms appear. Also likely that people will be infectious beyond the 6 days. Hopefully this puts the idea of reducing self-isolation to 5 days. It also makes 7 day self-isolation a bit iffy.

    Also there seems to be a huge backlog of unprocessed test samples in Lighthouse labs. I think it may be more of a problem in England but not much being said about it.

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