The problem with David Leask’s problem with ‘Scotland’s skin-deep Europeanism’

European Union flags wave in front of the Berlaymont Building, the European Commission's headquarters at night on January 30, 2020 in Brussels, Belgium.

David Leask’s assertion below:

reminds me of the time when a journalism teacher told me that journalists were ‘cognitive misers’ as if that made lack of proper background research somehow OK.

Around the same time the editor of Reporting Scotland stunned me by suggesting that it was all ‘very well for academics’ with the time to fully research a topic.

Leask’s claim above, is to my knowledge, NOT supported by any research.

Of course, even if it were to be shown to be accurate, that would not prove his headline claim that our Europeanism is somehow only skin-deep and, by implication, the SNP’s ‘pro-Europe credentials’ are only tactical and, based on the above assessment, insecure.

Like many in the media, Leask misses the role of that same media in constructing the world he thinks he only observes, objectively. If there is, as his source claims, a ‘lacklustre’ debate on the EU in Scotland’s public sphere, might that be because the MSM pays little attention to the EU and so offers to the wider public a lacklustre debate in which to engage.

We have seen only, as ‘Brexit getting done’, has come to dominate political debate across both major parties, a narrow, polarised, squabble over trade regulations. The BBC, in particular, dare not engage with what is good and happening in the EU for fear of being accused by this government of undermining Brexit.

As for Leask’s source claiming:

Leaving aside the limits of devolution, the First Minister has spoken in Europe several times only to have her speeches ignored by the MSM or briefly noted, based on opposition claims, as evidence of not getting on with the day job.

As for strategy, try this:

Journalists are not celestial observers but participants right in the sh**t.


10 thoughts on “The problem with David Leask’s problem with ‘Scotland’s skin-deep Europeanism’

  1. Ask your self this
    Answer Yes or No both for Scotland and England
    1.How insular are you
    2.How outward looking are you
    3.How savvy are you
    4.How sensible are you
    5.How delusional are you
    6.How much do you care about your duties as a World citizen
    7.How selfish are you that enables those who control matters end up duping you
    Scores and results on the back of a envelope please
    Research is easy,only those with ulterior
    Motives and a differing agenda fail to do it.

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  2. So…..Scotland either:–
    A. Stays in Gretagarboland, where it has zero power or influence.
    B. Joins the world, and decides its own future relationships.

    If “A” then we will continue with a media which gaslights us, keeps us in ignorance and has a lower relationship to facts than Pravda.

    If “B”, then hopefully we will be able to dump the colonial, London controlled media, and get back to a Scotland-facing and controlled media.

    I wonder if Mr Least thinks the Scottish preference by a 62% vote to remain in the EU was somehow a fake, and foisted onto us by Putin and the Russians? Mr Cameron’s best buddies?

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  3. “Cognitive miser” – this is not a term I had heard before, but, having done some initial google searches, I find it an interesting paradigm, which encapsulates much of what we read in newspapers and hear on news and comment programmes.

    While the BBC editor who replied to you was using the unspecified term to excuse the shallow analyses on the basis of time pressures, I think, more often it is used intentionally to frame the discussion within very narrow boundaries, to imply that their, usually right wing, conclusion is the only one. It is Mrs Thatcher’s ‘there is no alternative’.

    Thanks for providing this insight. We learn something every day – even septuagenarians!

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  4. I really get fed up with these people running down the SG and snp,Independence would be terrible for us far to wee handouts from Westminster all the rest of the rubbish they come out with.
    I could not do it but there must be someone out there who could do an in depth study how England would cope without Scotland,no more at the top table less revenue for their grandiose schemes they really would be in the sh**

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  5. The problem with Leasky are endless. A good psychoanalysis would have a field day.

    Scotland commitment to the EU are endless for good values. The EU costs Scotland nothing but brings benefits. The nearest biggest market. CAP payments. Grants and loans for renewables etc. Investment. Freedom of travel and work.

    The UK economy benefitted after Thatcher because of EU membership. The EU formed after WW2 to stop war and starvation in Europe and elsewhere. A shared responsibility. The Westminster Gov causes illegal war worldwide. Killing millions and costing £Trns. Scotland is dragged into that against its will. Scotland voted overwhelmingly for EU membership. Brexit a total disaster.


  6. Paid by tax evading non Dom the MSM produce nonsense. The Tories wanted out of the EU do they could continue to illegally tax evade. Unionist in Westminster and the Lords illegally tax evading and corruptly misusing public funds.


  7. How positively arrogant to actually attempt to speak for a whole population of a country, as if his words are the gospel. His words are assertions, nothing more and that’s not good journalism, it’s also unprofessional.
    The guy does not speak for me as a ‘Scot’ (adopted many years ago) and the use of the word ‘we’ is becoming tiresome now, the BritNats use to gas light the people of Scotland.

    Thankfully nothing is set in stone, and though Scotland has been dragged out of the EU, which when you really think about is not just scary but an affront to democracy, no matter how ,much some of the people might not have time to study the EU constitution in detail, it does not mean they want to stay shackled to a far right, dangerous, cruel, life wrecking on so many levels, English government which is really a cabal and a one party state.

    So Mr.Leask’s claptrap will be an earworm to only a few die hard British nationalists in Scotland, who really want to live in a Stepford Wives Englandshire, but know which side their bread is damn well buttered!

    Mr.Leask’s assertion that the ‘Scots’ are too thick to read the T and C’s is just typical of those who would see Scotland taken back to the dark ages. The people of Scotland and their democratically elected government have the measure of things, and know who their actual friends are, twenty seven countries across the channel and others across the Scottish (‘north) sea. Roll on independence and membership of a union that really does have equality at it’s heart, not perfect but a million miles from what we have now.


  8. Leask present Scots’ disinterest in the detail of the EU as indicative of something, despite it being the natural condition for the vast majority of the populace across 27 member states of the EU.
    He neatly body swerves this first point when it comes to Salamone’s observations on what SG have not done in public pronouncements, just why would SG address issues with the public in which there was little interest ?

    The elephant in the room Leask is at pains to ignore is Scots’ abhorrence of the rampant EU-phobia which dominates England’s public debate, continually fanned by the manic jingo in in which England’s politics via it’s media is drowning.

    Scots are natural sceptics, hence the Brexit media propaganda war had less influence on them than in England, particularly in the wake of media trust having been destroyed in Scotland.

    There will come a time when Scots have to address EU involvement in some form or other, but it is not now.
    All eyes are on the more immediate problem of addressing their relationship with the mad relative south of the border.


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