3 thoughts on “Scotland’s booster rollout 2nd in world

  1. Well done, Scotland’s wonderous Jag brigade.
    Clinics manned by health specialists, and unaided by Generals, marching bands, or desk-bound Admirals of non-existing fleets.

    The BBC only recognises the “Jab-berwocky” news……….
    delivered by its “Citizen” journo’s, DRossie, Starwars and Cault-Ham..

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  2. Terrible news, for the BritNat media and their sheer contempt for the democratically elected government of Scotland.
    I repeat myself, it does not bear thinking about, had the Labour party or any other British nationalist party been at the helm in Scotland throughout this pandemic. The welfare and lives of the people of Scotland is not their priority, why would it be, they work only in the interests of the country next door.
    The people of Scotland are astute enough to see through the British states’ media propaganda, an assault on their democracy. The motivation of the SNP to ensure that the people are protected, the economy is not in a state of collapse, and that essential services are able to function well, is evident to the people of Scotland as a matter of fact.

    Scotland is having to function with hands tied financially and logistically by the country next door, so it’s a miracle that Scotland is doing so well to protect their people, all down to having a Scottish party in charge with good management skills.
    Independence will ensure that is always the case, no political parties headquartered next door, should be near the levers of power in Scotland again.

    The natural progression to devolution is full independence, and the British nationalist media can take a hike with their attempts to deny the democratic will of the people of the Scotland. Independence, make it so, Scotland!

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  3. All this is not rocket science
    You have a mission
    So how to you proceed before the mission even starts and lands upon your
    Firstly Do Not Play a Numbers Game
    You. Will fall at the 1st fence, if by some miracle you get over it, stumbling on is the only option left to you, That horse is in England’s colours
    Now for Scotland
    Ask yourself these questions
    1.Do you have the trained and Qualified
    Snr.management resources
    If not can you obtain them,so go get them
    2.Do you have the infrastructure and if so bring it up to speed as efficiently so as possible
    3.Do you have the materials and plant resources, if not bring up to level required
    4.Build in contingency reserves to 1,2 & 3
    5. Build in a proper monitoring and improvement plan to effect changes as required
    6.Ensure all personnel are fully aware of their responsibilities and duties
    7.Ditto for all suppliers, sub contractors
    8.Fully respect and reward 6 & 7
    9.Launch plan in a slow but sure steady manner
    10.Monitor very carefully, Identify weak points and potential failures, report,analyse and alter plan where and as required
    11.Carry on jumping the fences and making good progress to the next fence
    Fully prepared to jump and clear it
    12.Never let go of sight of the finishing post
    Take your place in the winners paddock
    Believe it or not this appears to be difficult
    But it is not , Tis simple but only if you adhere rigidly to your plan
    Tis the result that matters,not your position at any point of the mission task
    You are in Scotland,s colours despite being severely handicapped

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