Omicron wave stalling and beginning to dip as SNP measures kick in

The 7 day average, yesterday, was 15 435.1, down from perhaps the peak of 16 220.4 on the 3rd January 2022.

Combine this with consistently low and unchanging ICU numbers (c40) and hospitalisations, though still climbing, running at around 25% lower than in England, and there is cause for cautious optimism and, of course, sticking to the Scot Gov rules.

3 thoughts on “Omicron wave stalling and beginning to dip as SNP measures kick in

  1. Guid, guid, guid!
    But……………….guid news is no news at all on the BEEB.

    Apparently, we should all be putting our shoulder to the wheel, and get the English national anthem played nightly on the BBC—probably twice nightly on BBC Hootsmon.
    This…from Andrew Rosindell, a Romford MP…who just happens to be..

    Chairman of the All-party Flags and Heraldry Committee. Wow!

    Never heard of it?
    Neither had I, but you could have guessed this MUST exist in the Westminster La-La Land of Loopy Tory Brexitdom.

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