Daily Express imagines England’s NHS staffing crisis is here too

Scottish Daily Express

According to the supposedly Scottish Daily Express, Scotland is struggling to maintain essential services and Nicola should get on with following England on isolation times. The opposition to this from the BMA and the EIS is, of course, not mentioned, nor are the data:

Frontline staff absences are climbing and may have climbed further in the last few days but remain half of the figure in April 2020 and still significantly lower than in February 2021.

Hospital admissions are climbing too but remain less than half of the figure in February 2021 and still below those in October 2021. Notably, ICU numbers (36) are not increasing at all and remain at around only 20% of those in February 2021 (160).

The hospitalisation rate in England is around 60% higher and the death rate, though much lower than in previous waves, almost twice as high.

Cutting isolation times might well get staff back quicker but equally might fuel the spread of the virus.

Scottish Daily Express

16 thoughts on “Daily Express imagines England’s NHS staffing crisis is here too

  1. The article is the same one as in the English edition but slightly ‘tailored’ (‘doctored??’) to apply to Scotland. The English headline of course is about ‘Boris’ being resolute. Most of their stuff is “Stand by Boris” crap.

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  2. Propaganda as “news” was once confined to dictatorships.

    We Scots can now benefit from this—- just like the Russians, Chinese and North Koreans.

    With DRossie, Starwars and Cauld-Ham as ENABLERS.
    Did someone say Ghislaine Maxwell? Just the same as?

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  3. Peter Duncan is the latest Scottish Tory to advocate a separate party.

    How would it work?
    Who would fund it?
    Would “Scottish” Tory party MP’s still get into Cabinet?
    If they could, what would be the point?
    If they could not, would any “Scottish” Tory MP’s follow the “Scottish” Whip?
    Hi Jack on the back benches while “Toby” from the Leafy ‘Burbs fills his SoS shoes?
    The Westminster government would then be, de facto, an English government.

    1st of April?—-Bring It On !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    1. Pre-Thatcher, the Tories in Scotland had a great deal more autonomy and, in local government did not use the term ‘Conservative’. I think, in Glasgow, the title “Progressive” was used. (ironically, that is what the Blairites like to style themselves). Indeed, there were different groups in different parts of Scotland. In the North East, for example, the word ‘liberal’ appeared in the title. Churchill’s china Robert Boothby (later ‘Lord’ Boothby) represented that party and was a cabinet member. So, there was a distinctly Scottish group of ‘Conservative and Unionist’ parties, which, to varying degrees were pretty strongly ‘Scottish’ and sustained distinctively Scottish aspects of culture, including the law.

      Of course, neither I nor my ancestors voted for them, when they were allowed to vote!

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        1. Alex,

          I had just started secondary school then, but, I remember that the Progressives always had a substantial number of wards in Glasgow Corporation days and a fair number of them were in working class areas, such as Tradeston. In those days there was a substantial Protestant/Orange Tory vote because many viewed the Labour Party as being captured by Irish Roman Catholics. I lived in Kelvingrove constituency, which was substantially working class, but had a Tory MP, until around 1959. one was Walter Elliot who had been in Churchill’s cabinet and after he died the MP was a building contractor called Frank Lilley. Labour won with Mary McAllister at the GE and Labour represented the area until this century, when, like most of the rest of Scotland, they were ejected in favour of the SNP.


      1. Ever since then there’s been a continuous centralisation both in panties and government. Local government used to be more independent. Now we are more like the elected dictatorship they speak of. Now they are trying to undo the protections from real dictatorship such as independence of judiciary.

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      2. The Scottish Unionists/Progressives/National Liberals existed up till 1965, then collapsed themselves into the English/Welsh Conservatives.
        No one would really have been too aware of their separate existence then, but I feel it would be much more difficult to replicate this now.
        They would be asked in every interview to justify propping up Boris or whatever sleaze-ball scheme the Tory government came up with.

        Would a separate plaque on a wall be worth it?
        Would a Scottish “DUP” prove an election winner?
        Has DRossie got a back-bone?

        Or is he just a run-of-the-mill, limbo-dancing, flip-flopping, u-turning rubber man the “Scottish” Tories always end up with?


    2. Tory lackeys in Scotland take their orders from their English masters, they are trying to pull a fast one here. I suspect the Scottish Conservatives were a slightly different breed years ago, some did work in the interests of Scotland. I watched a short film at NLS image archive, interview with a Scottish Tory SoS, in the 1950’s or 60’s I think, who was talking about Hydro power and Scottish water staying in public hands! Can’t find the film now sadly.
      I hear that the ScotGov are planning to set up an electoral commission for Scotland, so if the ‘Scottish’ London HQ’d Tories did go ‘independent’ lol, they’d have a Scottish electoral commission to answer to, no cheating next time eh!


  4. The Depress is reflects perspectives neither in England nor Scotland – IIRC a recent poll in England found 76% in favour of more stringent measures being put in place to control Covid.

    NHS staff absences are a concern in Scotland, but it is nothing compared to England’s experience, which the media have gone to extraordinary lengths to obscure.
    Look at the BBC webpages for England’s condition today, nada, zilch, but you’ll find plenty for Scotland, the Depress is no doubt “following orders”…

    Legerwood linked to a BMJ article (20th December) yesterday which makes pretty grim reading : Staff are exhausted, morale is at an all time low, and far too many are seriously looking at a career change.
    It has been a tough couple of years for the NHS north and south of the border, but aside that one exception the Scottish media always manage to find and amplify, there is no expected exodus from Scotland’s NHS – They know they have always had the maximum support available from SG, and that they are valued.
    In England they’ve been dropped right in it far too many times because of dogma.

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  5. It’s all working like a dream for the disaster capitalists, bring down the NHS in England move in the profiteers, medical treatment for those who can afford it, or who have a house they could sell to pay for it, otherwise as in the states, no medical treatment. The US style of private ‘healthcare’ is the worst model in the world.
    Scotland must escape to avoid the same fate as England.


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  6. Lord Beaverbrook announced to the House of Commons in 1948, that all his papers existed…………..
    ………..”purely for the purpose of making propaganda”.

    Nothing new, then.

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  7. There is no need to do it in Scotland. Far less cases recorded. The amount of cases in the south, especially in London is shocking. Swimming against the tide. Less rules and regulations. More cases.

    The lateral flow test is only 60% accurate. Many people have covid and do not even know. Absolutely no symptoms. They get tested after being in contact. Many people are not isolating properly. The majority do, especially if they are ill.

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  8. OT – This morning I read an article featuring Zawahi on the BBC’s UK web-page urging parents to refresh their browser to get the latest information on availability of LFT kits.
    What struck me as odd was this immediately followed borrowing 10M LFT kits from Wales to address their “unexpected” current shortfall.
    This before the latest “initiative” over schools was announced by the Prime Charlatan that every child in England shall be tested before return to school

    It stinks of chicanery, of which the Tories appear to have an infinite supply as opposed to the LFT kits they insist on parading.

    On revisiting the BBC Webpage to verify what I’d read to be true, I found it reformated as “Covid: Classroom masks in England for no longer than necessary, Nadhim Zahawi says” – Not demoted out of sight but the original obliterated…
    Oh dear, the spooks are making their lack of deodorant felt… Apologies to the 77th who I’m sure are hygienic personally.

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